Highlights of 2015


“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.” – Audrey Hepburn

Another year is over. 2015 has been a great year for me. I travelled a lot last year. (I guess 2015 was a record year!!). Thanks to my lovely Mokeke I discovered a lot of beautiful places in Switzerland. I have been to Amsterdam to see the tulips and windmills. I enjoyed a short city trip in London with my friends and I was in Paris to attend the Japan Expo convention. Furthermore, I could discover many different places in Japan within 10 days. Last but not least, I extended my summer time in Antalya. Ahh, I still have to blog about my travel experiences of last year. I am so sorry for the delay! I was playing a lot during the year and rarely blogged about my happenings… I will post them soon, promised!

Besides travelling I also went to many events. I attended to Lolita Meetings after many years again and I have been at three conventions. One was the JapAniMangaNight, which is one of my favourite event in Switzerland. They moved to Davos and the new location was amazing. Last year, there has been a brand new event in Basel; the Fantasy Basel. It is a festival for movie, game, comic, anime and cosplay fans. I already bought a ticket for this year by the way :D ! Furthermore, I have been in Paris to visit the Japan Expo, one of the biggest convention in Europe. The halls were enormous and they had many different stands, workshops and amusing activities. Hmm… I had some more highlights in 2015, let me think…. ah yes of course! I have been at two concerts of Japanese girl/boy bands. BABYMETAL and ONE OK ROCK announced concerts in Zurich!! I honestly have to say that I didn’t know both of the groups very well, but the concert really rocked! It was f****ing awesome! I would definitely go again if they are coming again to Switzerland someday (hopefully this year!).

I guess this were all of my highlights of 2015 – well there have been many other precious moments, which I had with my friends and family. I had ups and downs for sure, but all in all, I had a wonderful year and I am grateful for every single day. Never forget: Every day is a day you should treasure.

How was your 2015? ^_^


Traveling trough Switzerland with my lovely friends


#1 January 2015: Brienz
#2 February 2015: Bellinzona
#3 March 2015: Bern
#4 April 2015: Entlebuch
#5 May 2015: Fluelen
#6 June 2015: Zermatt
#7 July 2015: Zurich
#8 August 2015: Zug
#9 September 2015: Zurich Zoo
#10 October 2015: Swissminiatur Meldie
#11 November 2015: Montreu & Veytaux
#12 December 2015: Strasbourg


The concert was f*** awesome! 2_OneOKRock


Those girls rocked the night!2_Babymetal


Afternoon Tea Party in winter paradise Kandersteg.3_LolitaMeetingKandersteg


Hanging around with the pretty dolls. 3_LolitaMeetingZH


One of the best conventions in Switzerland!


My dream came ture!
I finally managed to go to the Japan Expo in Paris.
I met Domo-kun, Kumamon and Hello Kitty ^_^4_JapanExpo


Yay! A brand new event in Switzerland!4_FantasyBasel


Spent my easter holidays in Amsterdam.
I love this city so much!
(blog post will follow this year)5_Amsterdam


My first time in London!
Short city trip with my beloved friends.
(blog post will follow ^.^)


A 10 days round trip trough Japan.
(blog post is coming soon)5_Japan


Escaping the cold weather of Switzerland.
Seeking for summer, sunshine & relaxation.
(guess what… blog post will follow xD)5_Antalya

Thank you 2015!


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