Mokeke Travel 6: Zermatt


Hello everyone~♪!

If you are stalking my Instagram account, you have probably seen that I have been to Zermatt in June. This journey was one of my highlights of this year. Not only because I saw the world-famous mountain the Matterhorn, but also because my granny from Japan came this summer to Switzerland! The last time that she was in Japan was hm…. around 10 years ago I think! I was really happy that she made it a second time. She came here for 2 weeks – she stayed at my home for some days and afterwards I took some days of to spend the time with her and my mum in Zermatt. We had a lovely apartment in the village with an amazing view of the Matterhorn. The mountain is incredibly breathtaking and it always remembers me of the Swiss chocolate called Toblerone. When we struggled through the village, I realised that there are many many Asian tourists in Zermatt. And most of them were Japanese! I have never met so many Japanese people in Switzerland like in Zermatt. I had to be careful when I was talking to my mother or my grandmother *lol*. So what did we do in Zermatt? We had a walk (and a beer) on the top of Sunnegga, we checked out the shops in the village, had a visit at the Matterhorn Museum (it wasn’t that interesting although..) and we ate a lot of delicious Swiss dishes like Fondue, Raclette or Älplermagronen. On our last day, we took the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Andermatt, where we could enjoy a panoramic view of the alpine scenery. Our stay in Zermatt was a unforgettable experience – the atmosphere there is 100% Swiss for me. The mountain, the landscape and all the pretty wood chalets remembered me of Heidi. No wonder why all the Asians want to visit this lovely village ^_^

Here are some of the highlights of Zermatt:

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Traveling by trainMokekeTravel6_65view from the train MokekeTravel6_64 MokekeTravel6_63Finally arrived after 3,5 hours! MokekeTravel6_62 MokekeTravel6_61How about a St. Bernard dog as a souvenir ^.^? MokekeTravel6_60many many tourists… MokekeTravel6_59Chocolate MokekeTravel6_58 MokekeTravel6_57 MokekeTravel6_56Our apartment… MokekeTravel6_55…with a perfect view! MokekeTravel6_54 MokekeTravel6_53edelweiss flowers MokekeTravel6_52Off to Sunnegga MokekeTravel6_51 MokekeTravel6_50 MokekeTravel6_49 MokekeTravel6_48 MokekeTravel6_47We love nature! MokekeTravel6_46Matterhorn~ MokekeTravel6_45Tea Beer Time MokekeTravel6_44Calanda Special EditionZermatt MokekeTravel6_43 MokekeTravel6_42 MokekeTravel6_41 MokekeTravel6_40somehow nostalgic MokekeTravel6_39There is a museum in the middle of the village MokekeTravel6_38 MokekeTravel6_37 MokekeTravel6_36this little guy isn’t real ;) MokekeTravel6_35 MokekeTravel6_34Pretty wood chalets MokekeTravel6_33 MokekeTravel6_32 MokekeTravel6_31 MokekeTravel6_30 MokekeTravel6_29 MokekeTravel6_28 MokekeTravel6_27Another picture of the mountainMokekeTravel6_25Ice cream~♪ MokekeTravel6_26My very favourite food is this: Älplermagronen!MokekeTravel6_24Having a short walk with my Mokekes and my granny MokekeTravel6_24b  The weather was very nice on this day!MokekeTravel6_23 MokekeTravel6_22 MokekeTravel6_21My grandmother >w<  MokekeTravel6_20 MokekeTravel6_19 MokekeTravel6_18bThe matterhorn always reminds me of
the Toblerone chocolateMokekeTravel6_18 MokekeTravel6_17 MokekeTravel6_16Found a funny bench, which looks useful for sunbathingMokekeTravel6_15 MokekeTravel6_14Greetings from Zermatt :) MokekeTravel6_13Time for us to go back
We took the Glacier Express from Zermatt to AndermattMokekeTravel6_12 MokekeTravel6_11Panorama windows! I love it *_* MokekeTravel6_10 MokekeTravel6_9 MokekeTravel6_8Heidi Coffee ^_^ MokekeTravel6_7 MokekeTravel6_6

3 responses to “Mokeke Travel 6: Zermatt

  1. Kein Wunder dass den japanischen Touristen Zermatt so gut gefällt, das sieht nämlich absolut traumhaft aus! :D So tolle Bilder! Da würde ich auch gerne mal hin! Und übrigens finde ich auch dass das Matterhorn wie Toblerone aussieht … also wie dieser Berg auf der Verpackung jedenfalls :D Man, jetzt hab ich Hunger …

    Liebe Grüße,

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