Mokeke Travel 1: Brienz


As you now know everything about my cute creatures Mokeke, I am going to start the first Mokeke-Travel of January 2015! My idea for this year, is to travel once a month to another region or city in Switzerland (or maybe other countries) with one of my sweet little friends. I will always choose another companion for my trips. If there is any place in Switzerland you would like to see, do not hesitate to leave your suggestions in the comment box! Perhaps I will be able to go there with my Mokeke ♪~ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

So, our very first Mokeke-Travel starts in the heart of Switzerland: Brienz. With the railway it takes around 90 minutes from Lucerne to Brienz. The journey to Brienz is very comfortable, since you don’t have to change trains and if you like, you can stay in the train and continue your trip until Interlaken, which is also a famous tourist point. (Especially Asian tourists loves this city!) Brienz has a beautiful lake and a stunning mountain scenery. Most of the houses are made of wood and also decorated with lovely wood carvings. Did you know that Brienz has a long tradition in wood processing?

The highlights of Brienz are:

The main reason, why we picked out this city was because my Mum still had a voucher from wonderbox. A wonderbox is a gift box, which is filled with different activities and you can choose one that you like the most. We picked the “brunch” with cheese and cold meat at the Spielhotel Sternen am See. The brunch was good and we have been served very well. Basically we wanted to go to the Ballenberg Open-air Museum after the treat… but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t good. It wouldn’t make fun to walk in the rain and snow since most of the attractions at the Ballenberg Museum is outside. That’s why we spontaneously decided to go to the Swiss Woodcarving Museum, which was very near from the train station of Brienz… but it was closed during the lunch break. We didn’t have any other choice to do there, it was cold and most of the shops were closed. We finally hopped on the next train back to Lucerne. It was a very short trip, but this wasn’t the last time in Brienz. I am pretty sure that it would be nice to visit this district when it becomes warmer – maybe in spring or summer? ^_^

PS. You will find further information about Brienz on

 MokekeTravel1_2Having breakfastMokekeTravel1_1Traveling with Bean ♥MokekeTravel1_3MokekeTravel1_1aEnjoying the snowy paradise outsideMokekeTravel1_7MokekeTravel1_6MokekeTravel1_5MokekeTravel1_4Arriving in BrienzMokekeTravel1_8MokekeTravel1_17 MokekeTravel1_21MokekeTravel1_26MokekeTravel1_22cheese & cold meatMokekeTravel1_24nom nom nom *_* MokekeTravel1_25  MokekeTravel1_23The Brienz Rothorn Railway is just next to the train stationMokekeTravel1_9The Swiss Woodcarving Museum
MokekeTravel1_32 MokekeTravel1_20 MokekeTravel1_19Beautiful wooden chalets everywhere! MokekeTravel1_18I was wondering about this shop…  MokekeTravel1_16 MokekeTravel1_15 MokekeTravel1_14 MokekeTravel1_13 MokekeTravel1_12 MokekeTravel1_11 MokekeTravel1_10On our way back home, we sat in the bistro-restaurant…MokekeTravel1_29…enjoying a cup of coffeeMokekeTravel1_30And my sweet souvenir from Brienz :)MokekeTravel1_31MyMokekeCollection


3 responses to “Mokeke Travel 1: Brienz

  1. Toll! ^-^ Brienz sieht nach einer niedlichen Stadt aus, aber schade, dass das Wetter so schlecht war und das eine Museum geschlossen hatte.
    Ich hoffe du machst noch viele schöne Ausflüge mit den kleinen süßen Aliens. ;D

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