Mokeke Travel 7: Zurich


Grüezi metenand! (this means “hello together” in Swiss German ^^)

In June I was travelling with my purple friend called Gabu. I remember, that it wasn’t easy for us to find the right destination because we didn’t want to go very far away. I checked out the offers in the Swiss Coupon Pass to get some ideas. The Swiss Coupon Pass is a booklet, which contains a lot of different discount coupons on food, sightseeing tours or the entrance fees to touristic attractions in Switzerland (The book is quite expensive although). My granny used it, while she was in Zermatt and gave it to us before she went back to Japan. I suddenly found a city tour in Zurich and thought that this is going to be the seventh Mokeke Travel! I am often in Zurich, mainly for shopping reasons or when I meet my friends, but I don’t know more about this city. It felt a bit strange for me to make a sightseeing tour in my home country – normally I do that abroad *lol*. However, we got 50% discount on the ticket and, in addition, it is always good to learn more about your own country right?

So we had a bus tour (with lots of other tourists) trough Zurich city. While our guide was explaining us the buildings and spots in Zurich, the bus driver took us to different places like the Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich’s main downtown street & exclusive shopping avenue), the National Museum and other buildings that I can’t remember the names anymore xD We had a short picture stop at Lake Zurich and we could enjoy a ride with the cog-wheel railway (Dolderbahn) too. We could have a look at the noble five-star Grand Hotel Dolder and the guide showed us other highlights like the University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) and the famous Kunsthaus art museum in Zurich. Our last stop was in the Old Town, where we went into the Fraumünster Church to admire the magnificent stained glass windows by Marc Chagall.

Here are some more highlights of Zurich:

PS. You’ll find more information on You can book the same tour on

By the way, here are my favourite shops in Zurich:
Jeeg manga anime
Yumihana (Korean and Japanese specialities)
Nishi Japan Shop
Cupcake Affair (check out my blog post)
Les Gourmandises de Miyuko (check out my blog post about the Lolita Afternoon Tea)

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MokekeTravel7_50The best of Zurich City Tour
you can book the tour on switzerland-tours.chMokekeTravel7_49Let’s go!MokekeTravel7_47MokekeTravel7_48 MokekeTravel7_47b MokekeTravel7_46 MokekeTravel7_45 MokekeTravel7_44 MokekeTravel7_43short photo stop at Lake Zurich MokekeTravel7_42 MokekeTravel7_41 MokekeTravel7_40 MokekeTravel7_39 MokekeTravel7_38 MokekeTravel7_37 MokekeTravel7_36 MokekeTravel7_35having a ride with the cog-wheel railway Dolderbahn MokekeTravel7_34 MokekeTravel7_33the five-star Grand Hotel Dolder MokekeTravel7_32It looks like a castle! MokekeTravel7_31The art museum in Zurich
I have been there with some lovely Lolita girls ^_^MokekeTravel7_30The Fraumünster Church MokekeTravel7_29from insideMokekeTravel7_26MokekeTravel7_28The Grossmünster ChurchMokekeTravel7_27  My sweet treat after the bus tour :)MokekeTravel7_25

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