Fimo Nail Art


Hi Sweeties!

It lately become a bit cold here in Switzerland. Winter is back and it started to snow again. Today I was in a mood to stay at home, read mangas, drink several cups of hot tea and playing Tsum Tsum on my tablet. I also paid some attention to my nails. I suddenly wanted to try out my Fimo cane sticks. I have them since many many years but actually never used it. You can buy Fimo cane sticks (some are already sliced) on Ebay or Amazon. They come in many cute designs, you can almost have everything. Flowers, fruits, animals, characters and more. I wanted to keep it simple so I just applied some sparkling nail polish and stuck the Fimo slice directly on the wet polish. That’s all! If you like, you can paint over another colour or add some stickers or rhinestones for example. It is incredibly easy, why didn’t I used it earlier? In the future, I should use my Fimo canes more often!

Fimo cane sticksFimoNailArt_1this one is from claire’sFimoNailArt_2FimoNailArt_3bFimoNailArt_3aFimoNailArt_3FimoNailArt_4FimoNailArt_5a tweezer and a dotting tool are very useful
Both tools are from essenceFimoNailArt_8Sparkling nail polish FimoNailArt_7Before you start, I recommend you to
order the fimo slices for each nailFimoNailArt_6tadaaa! They look fancy, don’t they :D?FimoNailArt_14FimoNailArt_9 FimoNailArt_10FimoNailArt_16FimoNailArt_11 FimoNailArt_12 FimoNailArt_13FimoNailArt_15

4 responses to “Fimo Nail Art

  1. I didn’t know many things about these decorations. I never imagined they were made of fimo, and that they were sold without being sliced.
    Since I’m not used to

    • (Sorry, I’m using a shared computer so I had to send the comment without having finished)

      Since I’m not used to having big decorations on my nails, I prefer using them for handcrafts, such as birthday cards. They look cute everywhere.

  2. OMG Was für ein süßes Nailart *_____* Ich find sowas immer sehr sehr hübsch anzusehen, aber ich würde persönlich immer überall anecken und hängen bleiben, und das würde dann unschöne Lücken hinterlassen *hahahaha* Deswegen bleib ich eher beim Anschauen, statt selber machen XD

  3. Echt süss! Hab zuhause auch noch Fimo Sticks und Naildeko (^-^) mittlerweile sind meine Nägel recht schlicht und ich mag sie momentan einfach nur mit rosa Nagellack (^ー^)ノ

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