Japan Expo Paris 2015


Hello my dear readers!

Here is finally the post about the Japan Expo in Paris, France. I always wanted to go to this big event and I finally managed to get a ticket for the Japan Expo this year. The expo was gigantic compared to the other conventions that I have been in my life so far. What I really liked was that you can meet famous people or mascots at the Japan Expo! Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was there two years ago. Last year you could meet Funassyi. This summer you could say hello to Kumamon, Hello Kitty and Domo-kun. Yeah, I met them all! The Expo made a lot of fun, can’t wait to attend the Japan Expo (maybe next year ^.^?) again.

JapanExpo2015_60Never leaving without my Mokeke! JapanExpo2015_59 JapanExpo2015_58at the hotel JapanExpo2015_57short shopping break @Aeroville JapanExpo2015_56
Breakfast in ParisJapanExpo2015_55Short stop at the Eiffel TowerJapanExpo2015_54ok, off to the Japan Expo now! JapanExpo2015_53here we go! JapanExpo2015_52 JapanExpo2015_51 JapanExpo2015_50Sailor Moon Goods JapanExpo2015_49Sailor Moon and Sailor Miho ^.^ JapanExpo2015_48Curry~ JapanExpo2015_47Guess who I met?! JapanExpo2015_46 JapanExpo2015_45isn’t he cute? JapanExpo2015_44Negiman Ramen *lol* JapanExpo2015_43OMG, pink curry!
JapanExpo2015_42Hello Kitty was there too! JapanExpo2015_41Creative needle feltingJapanExpo2015_40Paper Art JapanExpo2015_39Isn’t she adroable? ^_^
She was selling selfmade jewelry!JapanExpo2015_38 JapanExpo2015_37 JapanExpo2015_36 JapanExpo2015_35 JapanExpo2015_34 JapanExpo2015_33 JapanExpo2015_32Sushi Cat! Awwww! JapanExpo2015_31 JapanExpo2015_30 JapanExpo2015_29 JapanExpo2015_28 JapanExpo2015_27 JapanExpo2015_26 JapanExpo2015_25 JapanExpo2015_24 JapanExpo2015_23The funassyi girl >w< JapanExpo2015_22Domo-kun! JapanExpo2015_21 JapanExpo2015_20Amazing Cosplay JapanExpo2015_19 JapanExpo2015_18 JapanExpo2015_17My lunch JapanExpo2015_16B Side Label stickers JapanExpo2015_15 JapanExpo2015_14Creepy dolls o.O JapanExpo2015_13 JapanExpo2015_12Bought Ramune and lots of other stuff! JapanExpo2015_11コップのフチ子 – Fuchiko!
JapanExpo2015_10Last but not least, macarons from Ladurée! JapanExpo2015_9

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