Mokeke Travel 9: Zurich Zoo


Hello world!

Let’s continue with the Mokeke Travel in September. I have been to the Zurich Zoo with my Mum and my friend Tino. Last year they opened the new Kaeng Krachan elephant park, so we wanted to have a look there. I checked my photo albums and the last “Zurich Zoo” picture folder is from 2011 (the last blog post is here). I couldn’t believe that I haven’t been to the Zurich Zoo for four years! Once again I realise that times goes by too fast o.O Beside the elephant park they also changed the attraction inside the Masoala rainforest. In the meanwhile, it is possible to go up and see the plants and animals from above. That was really cool! The hall is one of my favourite place at the zoo (especially when it is cold outside ^_^). Need to go there as soon as possible again.

PS. the official site is here:

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Mokeke9_50following the foot prints… Mokeke9_49the entrance Mokeke9_48where should we start? Mokeke9_47Aquarium Mokeke9_46penguins! Mokeke9_45 Mokeke9_44hello pretty ^^ Mokeke9_43 Mokeke9_42 Mokeke9_41these kids aren’t afraid of snakes Mokeke9_40touch and feel Mokeke9_39sunbathing (monster) frog Mokeke9_38this guy looks sleepy Mokeke9_37 Mokeke9_36 Mokeke9_35so happy to see the tigers! Mokeke9_34btw tigers are my favourite animals! Mokeke9_33 Mokeke9_32this looks so cute!
the goat just wanted to have some fresh grasMokeke9_31 Mokeke9_30Let’s have a look at the new elephant house Mokeke9_29 Mokeke9_28 Mokeke9_27Inside Mokeke9_26 Mokeke9_25…had to hide Mum’s face ^.^” Mokeke9_24Thai restaurant inside the elephant house Mokeke9_23 Mokeke9_22happy elephants :) Mokeke9_21Masoala RainforestMokeke9_20angry bird?!Mokeke9_20bEntrance to the treetop walkway Mokeke9_19let’s go up up up! Mokeke9_18 Mokeke9_17b Mokeke9_17Megabats! Mokeke9_16oh there is a gekkonidae!Mokeke9_15can you see the  red ruffed lemur on the tree?Mokeke9_14Tino seems to had a lot of fun :DMokeke9_13

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