Mokeke Travel 4: Entlebuch


Hi everyone!

In April I actually didn’t know where to go with my little Mokeke… suddenly I remembered that my friends wanted to go hiking with me, so I finally called my friends and we decided to go to Entlebuch. Entlebuch is quite near from my home town and is one of the most beautiful places when it comes to nature! Are you looking for pretty trails, walks, hikes or just want to escape the busy city life? Entlebuch is the right place to go! The region was also recognised as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

So, we started from Heiligkreuz and walked up the hiking trail without a clear goal in mind. We just walked and walked, enjoyed the beauty, peace, silence and tranquillity of the surrounding landscape and nature. Our hiking tour lasted about two hours. After a short coffee break we went to see the wind turbines of Entlebuch. They are so impressive, I especially love the sound of wind turbines. Ah, I should spend this kind of days more often! Standing outside in plain nature…

I listed up the highlights for you:

PS. Find further information about Entlebuch on

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MokekeTravel4_50biosphere reserve Entlebuch MokekeTravel4_49in the countryside MokekeTravel4_48Heiligkreuz MokekeTravel4_47 MokekeTravel4_46 MokekeTravel4_45 MokekeTravel4_44giant pine trees MokekeTravel4_43 MokekeTravel4_42 MokekeTravel4_41 MokekeTravel4_40 MokekeTravel4_39Smile~ MokekeTravel4_38Petasites japonicus – ふきのとう MokekeTravel4_37snow… MokekeTravel4_36 MokekeTravel4_35a gondola in the middle of nowhere… MokekeTravel4_34the boys seemed to have fun although MokekeTravel4_33 MokekeTravel4_32 MokekeTravel4_31During coffee break – polaroid shots! MokekeTravel4_30off to the wind turbines MokekeTravel4_29 MokekeTravel4_28a dog was relaxing on a bench MokekeTravel4_27 MokekeTravel4_26 MokekeTravel4_25looking for a happy clover MokekeTravel4_24 MokekeTravel4_23 MokekeTravel4_22 MokekeTravel4_21 MokekeTravel4_20 MokekeTravel4_19

One response to “Mokeke Travel 4: Entlebuch

  1. It looks like a really nice place. Actually the woods reminds me a little of some walks in the Welsh hills.

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