Mokeke Travel 5: Fluelen


Hello my readers!

Let’s move on with my Mokeke Travel, which I had in May. (As you see, I try my best to post all my remaining travel stories with my little friends before this year is ending *lol* Can you imagine that the new year will start in 52 days?! Times goes by…).

Switzerland does have quite a lot of charming lakes. One of my favourite lake is Lake Lucerne/Vierwaldstättersee. There are several Cruises you can choose. My mother and I love boat trips, so we decided to take the longest trip from Lucerne, which takes around 3 hours. So our target on this day was Flüelen – the end station of the boat tour. The weather was very pleasant and the view was breathtaking as always. Although I have seen the magnificent mountain panorama several times, I still enjoy the view! A boat trip on the Lake Lucerne gets never bored.

PS. You more information about Flüelen on

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With Nerukuro ネルクロMokekeTravel5_60Starting from LucerneMokekeTravel5_59MokekeTravel5_58MokekeTravel5_57Off to FlüelenMokekeTravel5_56MokekeTravel5_55MokekeTravel5_54MokekeTravel5_44Lunch on the boatMokekeTravel5_53This was one of the best “Spätzle” (soft egg noodles)
I have ever eaten!MokekeTravel5_52MokekeTravel5_51Beautiful mountain panoramaMokekeTravel5_50MokekeTravel5_49MokekeTravel5_48WeggisMokekeTravel5_47MokekeTravel5_46VitznauMokekeTravel5_45MokekeTravel5_43MokekeTravel5_42oh a steam boat!MokekeTravel5_41MokekeTravel5_40so pretty!MokekeTravel5_39From Lucerne to Flüelen we have been
on the motor vessel called “MS FlüelenMokekeTravel5_38MokekeTravel5_37MokekeTravel5_36dear Mum ♡MokekeTravel5_35MokekeTravel5_34Arrived in FlüelenMokekeTravel5_33MokekeTravel5_32MokekeTravel5_31We are here:MokekeTravel5_30MokekeTravel5_29MokekeTravel5_28MokekeTravel5_27From Flüelen to Lucerne we could enjoy
a trip on the steam boat “Stadt LuzernMokekeTravel5_26MokekeTravel5_25Coffee TimeMokekeTravel5_24MokekeTravel5_23We left the boat one station before we arrived in LucerneMokekeTravel5_22Mr and Mrs DuckMokekeTravel5_21Let’s have walk along Lake LucerneMokekeTravel5_20MokekeTravel5_19MokekeTravel5_18MokekeTravel5_17Oh happy days~♪MokekeTravel5_16

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