Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2015


Hello Sweethearts (^^)/♥

It has been such a long time ago that I was at a Lolita Meeting! When I look back at my blog posts, the last meetup was almost 3 years ago! Either the meeting place was too far away or I already had an appointment on the Lolita Meetings… But this time, I urgently wanted to participate to the Winter Meeting in Kandersteg. I first missed the date to announce my presence for the meetup, since a reservation was necessary for the afternoon tea, which was planned on that day too. Nevertheless, I kindly asked Mara, the organizer of the event, and she could reserve an additional seat for me – thank you sooo much and sorry again for the inconveniences because of my late participation >o<!

The Lolita Winter Meeting was two weeks ago on Saturday, 24 January 2015 and took place in the village Kandersteg, which is located in the Bernese Oberland. Once a year, in the last week of January, the village have a traditional “Belle Epoque” week. The local residents wear nostalgic clothing and when you walk around the village, it feels like the time took you back to this fascinating era.

Arriving in Kandersteg, we still had some time to have a walk and experience the nostalgic atmosphere in the village. We had a short stopover at a hotel, where you could marvel at unique hats. Then we did some photo shootings outside in the picturesque snow-covered scenery. It was quite cold, but it made so much fun! After the frosty shootings we continued our walk to the Waldhotel Doldenhorn, where we had our Afternoon Tea. We had a table in the winter garden, which was very nice – I love bright rooms with big windows! There were already these delicious- and pretty-looking sandwiches and pastries on the tables, mhmmmm ^_^! Beside the yummy food we also could enjoy a fascinating fashion show.

All in all I had a super duper great time with the beautiful Lolitas! (´∀`*) Nice conversations, delicious food and a funny atmosphere – what could be better than that? ^^ I was happy to see familiar faces and meet new people. I also would like to thank Mara for organizing the Lolita meetup and in addition also a big thank you to Magali and all the others for taking and sharing the pictures of the Lolita Meeting! Hope to see you soon again!  ヽ(*´∀`)ノ


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LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_1Preparing my nailsLolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_2 LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_3tadaaa… LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_4it’s time for the make up
fake lashes, which I bought at the 100 Yen Shop in Japan  LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_5Let’s start!LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_8I used Circle Lenses called
Vassen Jewel BrownLolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_6Put two lashes on the upper lash line
and a half lash on the lower lash lineLolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_7Nearly finish LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_9Use dark red lipstick to complete your look ^^ LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_10Finish! LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_11Arrange your hair LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_12 LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_13Wohooo, there was a lot of snow in Kandersteg! LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_14Belle Epoque Week LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_15 LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_16So beautiful! LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_17Even the local residents were wearing clothes
from the belle epoque period LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_18LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_24Lolita shooting :)LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_25On our way to the Afternoon Tea Party LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_19jup… that’s me xD LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_20The Afternoon Tea took place at the Waldhotel Doldenhorn LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_21
Mhmmm LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_22Look at all the beautiful Lolitas! *_* LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_23the savory plate LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_26the sweet plate LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_27me and my Mokeke Goni LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_28and my outfit
(thank you Magali for the following pictures!!)LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_31Smile~ LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_32 LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_30LolitaMeetingKandersteg_2015_29

Thank you everyone ♥
I had such a great time with you guys!
Hope to see you soon again!


7 responses to “Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2015

  1. It seems it was really cold that day. Weren’t you freezing? Despite the cold weather, I think pictures in the snow are really nice. I wish I could see the snow someday, since it never snows here. It sometimes snows at the outskirts of the city, but you have to drive for about 3 hours to get there, and it’s really dangerous since our cars (wheels) are not prepared for snowy roads.
    By the way, those lashes are amazing. You looked just like a doll.

    • It was a little freezing, actually (*´▽`*) but it made so much fun ^^ I hope you can touch and experience real snow someday! The snowy scenery can be really breathtaking!

  2. Woah, wie anders, aber super hübsch du ausgesehen hast! *___*
    Und ihr habt so schöne Bilder gemacht. Der Ort mit den ganzen Schnee sieht einfach nur toll aus und hat super gepasst. <3

  3. I love your nails!!! How long did it take to do that? Also what made you decide to go with this Lolita style? I’m sorry if I’m not using the right terminology and I hope I don’t offend anyone here with that.

    • Hm… let me see, the decoration was very simple cause I used nail stickers (the white lace). I first started with a clear nail polish and then used the black one and at the end I used the glitter polish. The process until all fingers got dry takes most of the time >w<

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