Welcome NailartThis is actually the main reason, why I started blogging. Since a long time I wanted to publish my nail art creations, but I didn’t really know, where I should upload my pictures.

I asked myself: Should I…
…build a nail art comminity?
…upload them on a social networking website like Facebook or Myspace?
…make my own nail art book? (ok, I’m just kidding *lol*)

It wasn’t easy to find a suitable solution, but at the end I was motivated to start my own Blog. I wanna share my ideas with you and show how beautiful you can design your fingernails.

I fell in love with the world of nail polish (there are soooo many choices of colours) and I suddenly became a nail-polish-addict. It makes me feel totally lady-like. You can draw incredible things and you can give your fancy full scope. I like every single detail like sparkling rhinestones, cute stickers, colourful Fimos, feathers, stripes, tattoos, rings… there are endless possibilities of decorating techniques.

I hope you will find some inspirations for yourself.

PS. I paint my fingernails myself and I attach great importance to real, natural looking nails. I don’t use any fake acrylic nails!

Click here for the tutorial (Fimo Nails)NailArtFimo

FimoNailsNailart Click here for the tutorial (Halloween Nails)BloodyNailArtSpidernetNailartGothicNailsLoli GothicLoliNails GothicLoliAliceinwonderlandvalentinesnail SweetKissNailart2 SweetKissNailart StripesNailsZickZackNails PastelRainbow LittleDiamonds lightcolour Flowerfield bluedott BlackGreyYellow WhiteLaceWhiteflakes violettjewelery vampirediaries Wedding StripeSilver Stripes Spidernet naturalelements PinkDot RedGoldBlackRedYinYang Redhot redsparkle Ribbon Marmor flowerblend CloverNature CherryBlossom AngularlyFrench BlackLace

6 responses to “NAILART

  1. I love your nail art, and reading your blog always makes me happy. You have such a good attitude! <3

    I especially love Curling Flames and Nature Feelings. Nature Feelings may be simple, but it's also very elegant. It would be good for an event where you want to express yourself, but not overwhelm people.
    I really like them all actually. Hope to see more!

    • Dear Brandi,

      Thank you so much for these lovely and kind words! I was (and still am) very happy to read your comment! ~♥

      I really regret, that I cannot spend more time with my Nails at the moment… (´;д;`)

      However, my stressy weeks will be over soon and -after reading your comment- I am even more pleased to create a lot of new Arts.♪♪

      I am going to update my page as soon as possilbe – promised!

  2. Ohhh wow I love your nail art! I need to come by hahahah ’cause I’m very bad at things like this *woahah* You are very good at this!! It look so gorgeous !!!

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