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On this page you will find my Mokeke collection ☆ なにかいるよ・うしろにいるよ・気づくといるよ! 私の大事なモケケたちはこちら♥ The names and the characteristics of each Mokeke are described below. A Mokeke (モケケ) is an alien, which comes from a planet called Mokekenoke. More general information about these little creatures can be found here:

What is a Mokeke? モケケって何だ?
Where can you buy a Mokeke? モケケはどこのお店に売っていますか?
★ Official site (in Japanese):

Mokeke Travel Diary:
Mokeke Travel #1 – Brienz, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #2 – Bellinzona, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #3 – Bern, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #4 – Entlebuch, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #5 – Fluelen, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #6 – Zermatt, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #7 – Zurich, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #8 – Zug, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #9 – Zurich Zoo, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #10 – Swissminiatur Melide, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #11 – Montreux & Veytaux, Switzerland
Mokeke Travel #12 – Strasbourg, France

Bean – ビーン

Species: Fruits 果実×…?
Characteristic: he has always a smile on his face, loves to be on trees with a lot of leaves

Chito – チト

Species: Bird x Plant 鳥類 × 植物…?
Characteristic: is trying to grow plants from planet earthMokeke_Chito

Petakon – ペタコン

Species: Reptile x Water は虫類 × 水…?
Characteristic: moves very very slow, daydreamerMokeke_Petakon

Goni – ゴニ

Species: Angle 角 ×…?
Characteristic: proud of his two horns, likes to climb on high places, sometimes a little bossyMokeke_Goni

Ketekete – ケテケテ

Species: ??
Characteristic: when he laughs it sounds like “ketekete”, even if it isn’t funny he starts laughing, his head is full of hilarious thingsMokeke_Ketekete

Aro- アロ

Species: ??
Characteristic: has a refined sense of perception, if something is approaching his “sensor” on his head starts spinning aroundMokeke_Aro

Kuru – クル

Species: ??
Characteristic: Maybe related to Aro, has a refined sense of perception like Aro, gets along well with mysterious creaturesMokeke_Kuru

Roby – ロビ

Species: ??
Characteristic: Maybe related to AroMokeke_Roby

Skunts- スカンツ

Species: Bone 骨×…?
Characteristic: has different eye colours, likes to scare others… but he often failsMokeke_Skunts

Be – ベェ

Species: ??
Characteristic: always sticks his tongue outMokeke_Be

Tino – ティーノ

Species: Angle 角 ×…?
Characteristic: sometimes a little coward, can perceive the weather (but only bad weather), becomes very happy when he finds something pointyMokeke_Tino

Nerukuro – ネルクロ

Species: Roots 根っこ ×…?
Characteristic: the black version of Neru,  digs himself deep into the soil and you often see just his hair coming out, loves sweets from planet earthMokeke_Nerukuro

Critch – クリッチ

Species: ??
Characteristic: looks like a fruitMokeke_Critch

Gabu – ガブ

Species: ??
Characteristic: has a big mouthMokeke_Gabu

Nota – ノタ

Species: ??
Characteristic: ??Mokeke_Nota

Noon – ノーン

Species: ??
Characteristic: Maybe related to Aro

Bomu – ボム

Species: ??
Characteristic: He has two different eye colours (red & blue)Mokeke_Bomu

Special Edition from different prefectures of Japan


Maido! (Osaka) – まいど! (大阪)

Special Edition from Osaka
Characteristic: on his belly it says: “maido!” まいど
(means “domo”, “thank you always” in Kansai-dialect)Mokeke_MaidoOsaka

Maikosan (Kyoto) – 舞妓さん (京都)

Special Edition from Kyoto
Characteristic: on her belly it says: “oideyasu!” おいでやす!(means “welcome” in Kyoto-dialect)Mokeke_MaikosanKyoto

Hidagyu (Hida) – 飛騨牛 (飛騨)

Special Edition from Hida
Characteristic: Hida cowMokeke_Hidagyu

Sarubobo (Hida) – さるぼぼ (飛騨)

Special Edition from Hida
Characteristic: Sarubobo (means “monkey baby” and is the famous mascot of the Hida region)Mokeke_Sarubobo

Ringo (Shinshu) – りんご (信州)

Special Edition from Shinshu
Characteristic: AppleMokeke_Ringo

Wasabi (Shinshu) – わさび (信州)

Special Edition from Shinshu
Characteristic: WasabiMokeke_Wasabi

Okojo (Shinshu) – おこじょ (信州)

Special Edition from Shinshu
Characteristic: StoatMokeke_Okojo

Mikan (Shizuoka) – みかん (静岡)

Special Edition from Shizuoka
Characteristic: MandarinMokeke_Mikan

Ichigo (Shizuoka) – いちご (静岡)

Special Edition from Shizuoka
Characteristic: StrawberryMokeke_Ichigo

Cha (Shizuoka) – 茶 (静岡)

Special Edition from Shizuoka
Characteristic: TeaMokeke_Cha

Mt. Fuji (Toyama) – ふじさん (富山)

Special Edition from Toyama
Characteristic: Fuji-sanMokeke_MtFuji

6 responses to “MY MOKEKE COLLECTION

  1. T0T <33
    Ich glaube ich bin verliebt. x) Deine Mokeke-Bilder (ob jetzt hier oder bei instagram) machen mich jedes Mal total happy, wenn ich sie sehe. XD

    • Hi Love!
      The one you are decribing is called チト (Chito). He is a mix between bird and plant. He is trying to grow plants from Mokekenoke-planet, which can also survive on planet earth.

      Unfortunately, he is still missing in my collection. (-_-;)

  2. Hey what’s up! Just received a mokeke plush as a gift — I was hoping you could help identify it for me! He’s mostly red with blackish stripes on his arms with a giant smile on his face. He also 2 large, vertical kanji characters on his chest that are black with a white border. I know it’s been a while since you commented here, but I figured it was worth a shot. Thank you!!

    • Hi Ian! Hope you are doing well. Just give me an email or Instagram/FB message with the picture, so I can check it for you ^_^ It is easier to find the Mokeke if I see for example the Kanjis. Hope you like your new Mokeke! <3

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