Mokeke Travel 3: Bern


Hi everyone!

I am so sorry for the delay of my Mokeke travel posts! I kept my promise so far and travelled once a month with my little friends trough different places in Switzerland… but never posted any blog entry since February. This year I am travelling so much, it is really incredible – I still have lots of travel posts that I want to write in the next few month. Amsterdam, London, Antalya, Japan… oh where should I start?!

So I finally managed to edit the picture about my “Mokeke Travel” in March. Yep, let’s go back to Spring 2015! My Mum and my lovely friend Roby joined me to Bern – the capital city of Switzerland. It is – beside Lucerne of course – one of my favourite city in Switzerland. It has so many charms! I especially love the Old Town! The entire old town is a UNCESO World Cultural Heritage Site. Furthermore, you can see real bears in Bern. There is a bear park at the end of the Old Town. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at the sweet teddy bears of Bern. There is also a pretty Rose Garden near the bear park. You can reach the park within 5 minutes by foot. May you remember my Lolita Summer/Autumn Meeting in 2012? We had a picnic and took some photo shoots at the Rose Garden. Since it wasn’t the right season for roses, we couldn’t see any of the beautiful roses. The best season is ehh…. I think around autumn. However, we could have a nice walk through the park and see some pretty spring flowers. There are so many other beautiful spots in this city… Bern is always worth a visit~♪

The highlights of Bern in a nutshell:

PS. You will find further information about Bern on

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Mokeke_Travel_3_50OOTD ♡ Mokeke_Travel_3_49 Mokeke_Travel_3_48Bern main station Mokeke_Travel_3_47 Mokeke_Travel_3_46 Mokeke_Travel_3_45 Mokeke_Travel_3_44 Mokeke_Travel_3_43 Mokeke_Travel_3_42 Mokeke_Travel_3_41You can see the House of Parliament in the backgroundMokeke_Travel_3_40 Mokeke_Travel_3_39 Mokeke_Travel_3_38We had lunch at JAPIGO Mokeke_Travel_3_37
Mokeke_Travel_3_36 Mokeke_Travel_3_35mhmmmm Mokeke_Travel_3_34 Mokeke_Travel_3_33 Mokeke_Travel_3_32Souvenirs Mokeke_Travel_3_31Stunning clock tower in the Old Town Mokeke_Travel_3_30 Mokeke_Travel_3_29From a distance Mokeke_Travel_3_28 Mokeke_Travel_3_27 Mokeke_Travel_3_26 Mokeke_Travel_3_25 Mokeke_Travel_3_24 Mokeke_Travel_3_23awww a sleepy teddy bear ^_^ Mokeke_Travel_3_22 Mokeke_Travel_3_21 Mokeke_Travel_3_20 Mokeke_Travel_3_19 Mokeke_Travel_3_18 Mokeke_Travel_3_17 Mokeke_Travel_3_16 Mokeke_Travel_3_15100 Sakura trees in Bern – a gift from Japan Mokeke_Travel_3_14unfortunately, the cherry trees  were still “sleeping” Mokeke_Travel_3_13 Mokeke_Travel_3_12 Mokeke_Travel_3_11 Mokeke_Travel_3_10Last but not least, a sweet souvenir from Bern:
Bernese hazelnut gingerbread

4 responses to “Mokeke Travel 3: Bern

  1. What a nice place!
    I’d really like to go. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    Some years ago, the Japanese Government also gave my country 100 Cherry trees, but I have no idea of where they might be.
    Fortunately, a friend bought one tree in a Japanese festival held in my city. It’s still small, bur very beautiful.

    BTW. Sorry for the ignorance, but what is the origin of the relation between Bern and bears?


    • Cherry trees are so beautiful! I even didn’t know that we have so many in Bern. I wish I could see them when they bloom!

      The bear is the heraldic animal of Bern, you can see it everywhere on the flag of Bern. I heared that someone killed a bear (many years ago…) while hunting… maybe this was the connection between Bern and bears? I should ask my former history teacher xD I am so bad at history *lol*!!

  2. Bern ist schon super schön! Ich war schon ewig nicht mehr dort, das letzte Mal war das, als der Bär noch im Bärengraben war und noch keinen kleinen Park hatte ~_~ Nun haben sie es da ja wirklich schön^^

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