Lolita Spring Meeting – Zurich 2015


Hello Sweethearts!

I didn’t post anything about the Lolita Meeting in Zurich yet, right? After the Winter Meeting in Kandersteg, I already got the next date for the Spring Meeting with the lovely dolls. Someone had the great idea to have a look at the Kunsthaus Zürich, which is one of the largest art museum in Switzerland. At first we had breakfast at the Odeon historic Coffee Bar and afterwards we had a short photo session in front of the museum, before we visited the “Inspiration Japan”-exhibition.

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Lolita-Photo-Collection from the Lolita Meeting in Bern (2012)
Lolita Winter Meeting Kandersteg (2015)

LolitaMeetingZH_50I used Blue Circle Lenses
and some false lashesLolitaMeetingZH_49 LolitaMeetingZH_48Selfie with my lovely Mokeke ^_^ LolitaMeetingZH_47Selfie again… LolitaMeetingZH_46Looking “doll”-enough >w<? LolitaMeetingZH_45Breakfast at the Cafe Odeon LolitaMeetingZH_44
Stalking the dress patterns *_*
they were all so pretty!
LolitaMeetingZH_37 LolitaMeetingZH_36 LolitaMeetingZH_35 LolitaMeetingZH_34Love this picture so much!
♡♡♡LolitaMeetingZH_33Time for the photo shoot!LolitaMeetingZH_38bLolitaMeetingZH_32 LolitaMeetingZH_31awww ^^ LolitaMeetingZH_30 LolitaMeetingZH_29 LolitaMeetingZH_28 LolitaMeetingZH_27kawaii! LolitaMeetingZH_26b LolitaMeetingZH_25 LolitaMeetingZH_24 LolitaMeetingZH_23LolitaMeetingZH_18LolitaMeetingZH_22b LolitaMeetingZH_22weren’t the girls lovely?!
and here are some pictures of me…LolitaMeetingZH_21 LolitaMeetingZH_20 LolitaMeetingZH_19 LolitaMeetingZH_17 LolitaMeetingZH_16 LolitaMeetingZH_15 LolitaMeetingZH_14 LolitaMeetingZH_13 LolitaMeetingZH_12Thank you everyone!
Can’t wait to see you soon again! ♥LolitaMeetingZH_11

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