Mokeke Travel 2: Bellinzona


Hello dear readers!

Here comes my next blog post about my second Mokeke-Travel. This time, we decided to visit the Italian part of Switzerland. We have chosen Bellinzona for our day trip, which is the capital city of the Canton of Tessin/Ticino.

Like always, we took the train from Lucerne to Bellinzona. There is a direct train connection and the whole journey takes approximately two hours until you reach the city. We planned to have a look at the Three Castles of Bellinzona, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Switzerland. Unfortunately, it was very windy and freezy so we only had a short walk through the old town and we went up to the Castelgrande. There are two other buildings, which I would love to visit – the Castle of Montebello and the Castle of Sasso Corbaro – but probably at a later time when the weather gets better…

Other highlights of Bellinzona are:

PS. You will find further information about Bellinzona on

#1 January 2015: Brienz

MokekeTravel-2-1Traveling with Goni ♥MokekeTravel-2-2 MokekeTravel-2-1aMokekeTravel-2-3visiting the old town MokekeTravel-2-6 MokekeTravel-2-7 MokekeTravel-2-8 MokekeTravel-2-9 MokekeTravel-2-10You can see the castle from the old townMokekeTravel-2-4
    MokekeTravel-2-5We walked around the Castelgrande,
then we suddenly saw this Manga school called Myoko.
I have never heard about it before!MokekeTravel-2-11 MokekeTravel-2-12 MokekeTravel-2-13Let’s have a look at the castle now: MokekeTravel-2-15I actually wanted to walk up to the castle but it was so freezy…
…so we took the lift this time.MokekeTravel-2-20 MokekeTravel-2-16MokekeTravel-2-19MokekeTravel-2-17The Three Castles of Bellinzona MokekeTravel-2-18 MokekeTravel-2-22MokekeTravel-2-23 My Mokeke and his striving for power >w<MokekeTravel-2-24 MokekeTravel-2-25MokekeTravel-2-21xLast but not least, a little souvenir from Bellinzona :)
Frizzy Gazzosa Ticinese, a refreshing beverage – try it out!
MokekeTravel-2-26 MokekeTravel-2-27 MokekeTravel-2-28MyMokekeCollection



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