Mokeke Travel 10: Swissminiatur


Heeeellooo my friends!

My target for this year: Even if I cannot post all of my travel posts, at least I am going to finish the Mokeke Travel until the end of December! Ehm, where are we…? Ah right, October =) In October, we have been to the Italian part of Switzerland. I always wanted to visit the Swissminiature, a miniature park with detailed and authentic models of well-known sites, castles, public transports and buildings of Switzerland. The park is located in Melide, you can get there in about 7 minutes from Lugano by train. The weather was heavenly and I was happy that it wasn’t raining, because the park was outside in open nature. The whole park was a bit smaller than I had imagined, nevertheless, it was quite funny cause when I stood in front of the buildings, I felt like a giant respectively like a Titan from Attack on Titan. My Mokeke Noon had a blast too! I enjoyed taking pictures since the models had just the right size for him. After the enjoyment we went back to Lugano and had a lovely walk in the city. Before we head back home, we had a nice coffee break at the Restaurant Grand Cafe Al Porto.

#1 January 2015: Brienz
#2 February 2015: Bellinzona
#3 March 2015: Bern
#4 April 2015: Entlebuch
#5 May 2015: Fluelen
#6 June 2015: Zermatt
#7 July 2015: Zurich
#8 August 2015: Zug
#9 September 2015: Zurich Zoo

 Noon ♥ Isn’t he cute?MokekeTravel10_50Sunrise – it’s going to be a nice day! ^o^ MokekeTravel10_49Smile~MokekeTravel10_48 MokekeTravel10_47 MokekeTravel10_46took this picture with a special filter of my camera MokekeTravel10_45 MokekeTravel10_44arriving in Melide MokekeTravel10_43
MokekeTravel10_42 MokekeTravel10_41 MokekeTravel10_40 MokekeTravel10_39:) MokekeTravel10_38bI love autumn trees MokekeTravel10_38oh hello birdies MokekeTravel10_37checking the guide MokekeTravel10_36everything looks so small MokekeTravel10_35 MokekeTravel10_34 MokekeTravel10_33 MokekeTravel10_32 MokekeTravel10_31 MokekeTravel10_30oh a wedding :D MokekeTravel10_29 MokekeTravel10_28The House of Parliament MokekeTravel10_27Hi there ^o^! MokekeTravel10_26 MokekeTravel10_25The House of Parliament MokekeTravel10_24 MokekeTravel10_23b MokekeTravel10_23 MokekeTravel10_22Zurich airportMokekeTravel10_15bMokekeTravel10_21 MokekeTravel10_20 MokekeTravel10_19 MokekeTravel10_18The Lion Monument of Lucerne MokekeTravel10_17Nice to meet you Heidi & Peter! =) MokekeTravel10_16He was having a lot of fun :) MokekeTravel10_15 MokekeTravel10_14Can you see the Matterhorn? MokekeTravel10_13b MokekeTravel10_13 MokekeTravel10_12kind of attack on titan *lol* MokekeTravel10_11 MokekeTravel10_10 MokekeTravel10_9Afterwards we went to LuganoMokekeTravel10_8the weather was heavenlyMokekeTravel10_8b MokekeTravel10_7a MokekeTravel10_7


MokekeTravel10_6MokekeTravel10_6d MokekeTravel10_6b MokekeTravel10_5Lake Lugano MokekeTravel10_4b MokekeTravel10_4 MokekeTravel10_3 MokekeTravel10_2Coffee break at Ristorante Grand Cafe Al PortoMokekeTravel10_0MokekeTravel10_0b


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