Mokeke Travel 8: Zug


Good evening my loves!

Here comes another Mokeke Travel post from August. As I already mentioned, my mother and I love to undertake boat trips. Switzerland is full of lakes, so there are many different boat tours that you can book; breakfast cruises, cake cruises, Mexican cruises, candlelight cruises, kids cruises, Swiss folk music cruises and more. We decided to have lunch on the boat, so I booked us a lunch cruise on Lake Zug. The city and the lake in Zug are nice, but I would rather recommend you to have a boat trip on Lake Lucerne. In my opinion, the scenery there is more impressive. Nevertheless, don’t forget to take a short walk along the lake or in the charming Old Town if you are in Zug.

More highlights of Zug…

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Mokeke8_50Zug main station Mokeke8_49The shopping mall is just next to the station Mokeke8_48Negishi – a Japanese restaurant
Unfortunately, it was closed…Mokeke8_47Having a walk along the lake promenade Mokeke8_46 Mokeke8_45The swan looks so small >w< Mokeke8_44Spongebob :) Mokeke8_43 Mokeke8_42 Mokeke8_41Time for boarding Mokeke8_40 Mokeke8_39my lovely little friend Skunts Mokeke8_38Lunch on board Mokeke8_37 Mokeke8_36The dessert – a sweet speciality from Zug (Cherry Cake) Mokeke8_35 Mokeke8_34Another short walk after our boat trip Mokeke8_33there is also a free bird park Mokeke8_32it started raining… Mokeke8_31the old town Mokeke8_30 Mokeke8_29 Mokeke8_28 Mokeke8_27 Mokeke8_26This year is the 100th anniversary of the Zug Cherry CakeMokeke8_25

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