Mokeke Travel 12: Strasbourg


And here comes the last Mokeke travel post!! I just made it in time, wohoo :D yay! This will be the last blog post for this year. The new year is starting in 6,5 hours… The countdown has begun. Time is running~!

So where have I been on my last Mokeke journey? No, it wasn’t a place in Switzerland. This time, we decided to go to Strasbourg, the capital city of the Alsace region in north eastern France. There was a special offer from the Swiss Federal Railway (the national railway company of Switzerland), where you could get a reasonable train ticket to Strasbourg for visiting the Christmas market. The weather was fantastic on that day and it actually didn’t feel christmassy at all. We only had snow just one time in November, but it disappeared the next day… Since then the sun was more or less shinning every day. Honestly, I am happy when we don’t have a freezy breezy winter, but this year, I really did miss the snow. At least some snow on Christmas would be nice… but Christmas is over now and we cannot influence the weather. Sadly.

Ok back to Strasbourg. We just arrived in Strasbourg at lunch time, so we picked the nearest (Japanese) restaurant from the station. We landed at Mikado, where we have ordered a Sushi/Sashimi Moriawase (the sushi was so-so….). After the break, we head towards the Christmas market. The streets were crowded with people and it wasn’t that easy to have a look at the Christmas stands. I loved the pretty decorations they had everywhere in the city. We enjoyed a cup of mulled wine, marveled at the spectacular Strasbourg Cathedral and had a nice walk through the town before we returned to our home country.

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MokekeTravel-12_50Off to Strasbourg with Bomu MokekeTravel-12_49the sun was shining brightly! MokekeTravel-12_48 MokekeTravel-12_47 MokekeTravel-12_46 MokekeTravel-12_45 MokekeTravel-12_44 MokekeTravel-12_43 MokekeTravel-12_42 MokekeTravel-12_41 MokekeTravel-12_40 MokekeTravel-12_39Lunch Break MokekeTravel-12_38Salad MokekeTravel-12_37Tempura MokekeTravel-12_36Sushi&Sashimi Moriawase MokekeTravel-12_35 MokekeTravel-12_34 MokekeTravel-12_33Primtemps shopping center MokekeTravel-12_32Galeries Lafayette MokekeTravel-12_31 MokekeTravel-12_30 MokekeTravel-12_29 MokekeTravel-12_28 MokekeTravel-12_27 MokekeTravel-12_26so lovely! MokekeTravel-12_25Strasbourg Cathedral MokekeTravel-12_24 MokekeTravel-12_23 MokekeTravel-12_22mulled wine~ MokekeTravel-12_21 MokekeTravel-12_20 MokekeTravel-12_19 MokekeTravel-12_18smile =)MokekeTravel-12_17

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