Penpalling and crafting became one of my new hobbies and addiction. I hope this page helps you to give you some new inspiration and ideas. I will update the page from time to time, so don’t forget to check it out occasionally. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun! :)

50 Creative Gifts for your Letter

Click on this link for 50 creative and inspiring (flat) gifts that you can put in a letter.

PAPERANG P1 – Portable Mini Printer

Give your journaling, penpalling or crafting some upgrade with a portable mini printer from PAPERANG! For detailed information, just check out my video or blog post.

Get your PAPERANG on Amazon:

Collaging & Design Papers

If you want to discover the fun of collage then this fabulous book is the perfect kit. Highly respected and successful collage artist Maria Rivans has gathered hundreds of beautiful, quirky, and downright daft images, and they’re all here for you to cut out and stick.

Extraordinary Things to Cut Out and Collage (buy it on Amazon):

Community Sticker Shop MORII
Great Stickers @ Reasonable Prices!

Do you want to support artists and are you looking for super awesome and cheap stickers? Then check out the Community Sticker Shop MORII! Fore more information, just check out my latest blog post.

Peter Rabbit Themed Envelopes

Crafting cute Peter Rabbit themed envelopes with Beatrix Potter’s illustration. This brings back childhood memories!

The book I used (Buy it on Amazon):

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Silly Friends’

Envelopes made with super cute stickers from ‘Silly Friends’. For more details about prices, shipping, review please follow my blog post here.

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Charenjiart’

Envelopes made with super cute artwork from my Swiss Friend ‘Charenjiart’. For more details about prices, shipping, review please follow my blog post here.

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Poroful’

Envelope making with artist Poroful – look at all these Animal Crossing, Pokémon and Ghibli themed stickers!

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Palettemeli’

Pokémon themed letters with Palettemeli’s Poke Plush Stickers! For more details please check out my latest blog post here.

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Melissa Fung’

I never thought that it would be so difficult to find cute bee stickers! Melissa Fung made my dreams come true! For more details please check out my blog post here.

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Munespice’

Envelopes made with stickers from taltented Munespice. For more details about prices, shipping, review please follow my blog post here.

Envelopes – w/ Artist ‘Kira Kira Lemons’

Let me show you some amazing work from my penpal! Review can be found on this blog post here.

Random Sticker Themed Envelopes

I just used random stickers and this is the outcome! :)

Ghibli Themed Envelopes

Random Ghibli themed envelopes. Which movie is your favourite?

Manga Themed Envelopes

I recycled my old (but gold) manga books for this project.

Little Twin Stars Themed Envelopes

Kiki and Lala are two twin stars born on Omoiyari Star in the Yume Star-Cloud. I couldn’t resist to bring them on my envelopes!

My Melody Themed Envelopes

Sweet little My Melody~ Who is your favourite Sanrio Character?

Whale/Jinbesan Themed Envelopes

Combining whales with the cute little San-X Jinbesan

Fall Themed Envelopes

Sweet seasonal envelopes with bears, Lolita girls and more~

Halloween Themed Envelopes

Spooky envelopes and my first attempt to make envelopes with my mini printer PAPERANG :)

Christmas Themed Envelopes

All of my festive Xmas themed envelopes~

Harry Potter Themed Envelopes

Join me as we venture into the magical wizarding world of Harry Potter! I should definitely craft more of them :D!

Hanako-kun Themed Envelopes

Making one of my favourite Anime into envelopes! You definitely have to watch it, if you haven’t yet :)

Disney Themed Envelopes

Make your envelopes cheerful with these super cute Disney stickers.

Pikachu Themed Envelopes

Pikachu is soooo kawaiii! I got some Pikachu memo pads from my penpal, which are now decorating my envelopes. The stickers are from the Pokémon Center in Japan.

Batman Themed Envelopes

nanananana ~ super cool Batman envelopes made with a kids comic

Axes Femme Themed Envelopes

Japanese has super cute paper bags. I recycled an Axes Femme paper bag for these envelopes. Recycling turns things into other things which is like magic!

Ice Cream Themed Envelopes

Matching cute ice cream stickers and kitty paper design papers. I got everything from Daiso Japan.

Coffee Themed Envelopes

Good ideas start with brainstorming. Great ideas start with coffee!

Lolita Girls Themed Envelopes

Cute, lovely & girly envelopes, inspired by Lolita Fashion.

Envelopes with Patreon Reward Tiffany Huynh

I am a proud Patreon of Tiffany! For more details, please visit my previous blog posts.