Mokeke Travel 11: Montreux & Veytaux


Hi there!

We are slowly reaching the end of my Mokeke travel diaries of this year! So proud that I left my house and kept travelling once a month. Thanks to my lovely little friends I had even more fun to discover different places of Switzerland. In November, we have been to Montreux, which lies on the north east shore of Lake Geneva. The Christmas Market just started from 20 November until 24 December, so we had a look at the Christmas stands and had a lunch break there, before took the bus to Veytaux to see the Chillon Castle. The Castle was on my to-travel-list since a long long time. I was happy to see it finally from near and not only from the pictures from the internet. It is truly one of the most beautiful castle I have ever seen in Switzerland. I also wanted to take some photos from a distance, but it suddenly started to rain heavily and it became very windy, so that it was impossible to take any more pictures… After the sudden weather change we went back to Montreux, where it was snowing! (The snow didn’t last long although *lol*). On our way back home we could enjoy a picturesque snow scenery (o^_^o)

PS. You’ll find more information on (Montreux<< >>Chillon Castle)

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#9 September 2015: Zurich Zoo
#10 October 2015: Swissminiatur Meldie

MokekeTravel-11_50with Nota (゚∇^*) MokekeTravel-11_49MokekeTravel-11_51Off to the Christmas Market MokekeTravel-11_48Lake Geneva MokekeTravel-11_47 MokekeTravel-11_46Sunny Day MokekeTravel-11_45 MokekeTravel-11_44 MokekeTravel-11_42MokekeTravel-11_43Sweet paradise MokekeTravel-11_41 MokekeTravel-11_40Candy heaven!! MokekeTravel-11_39 MokekeTravel-11_38 MokekeTravel-11_37 MokekeTravel-11_36 MokekeTravel-11_35Pretty bookmarks MokekeTravel-11_34mulled whine MokekeTravel-11_33 MokekeTravel-11_32 MokekeTravel-11_31the squirrel took my Mokeke!! MokekeTravel-11_30uff, got it back xD MokekeTravel-11_29 MokekeTravel-11_28The Chillon Castle in VeytauxMokekeTravel-11_27 MokekeTravel-11_25 MokekeTravel-11_24MokekeTravel-11_23MokekeTravel-11_19MokekeTravel-11_26MokekeTravel-11_22 MokekeTravel-11_21 MokekeTravel-11_20Back in Montreux
it suddenly started to snow!! :DMokekeTravel-11_18MokekeTravel-11_17let it snow~❄ MokekeTravel-11_16

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