Where to buy Mokeke in Japan

Whether you are a super addicted Mokeke-Hunter or a Mokeke-Newbie, here comes a little hunting guide for all who loves these colourful and fluffy creatures. If you have no clue about what I am talking, check out my blog post ‘What is a Mokeke’. I discovered my addiction back in 2013, where my cousin caught lovely Bean for me at the game center. Since then, I just realised that I am a happy owner of approx. 100 Mokeke! Also a big thank you to all of my friends, who think about me and give me a Mokeke as a little souvenir gift, every time they visit Japan. I appreciate it so much!

So when I go to Japan, I always watch out for new Mokeke. My most favourite spot is the UCHUSEN toys & figures shop just next to Akihabara Station. I never leave Japan without checking this spot before. It was super random that I discovered this Mokeke-corner and I am super happy that they finally got their own big shelve in the shop. There were just a few left two/three years ago and I was very afraid that they might be removed from the assortment. You can find a lot of standard Mokeke and I highly recommend you this place! There is a second shop in Akihabara called Nuigurumi Shop foo.., which is still on my bucket list. I actually wanted to have a look there the last time when I was in Japan, but changed my mind at the last minute, because I already bought more than 20 Mokeke then lol. But thanks to a friend of mine, I can confirm you, that you can find a very nice range of Mokeke there. I think these two shops are the one that have a big assortment of standard Mokeke. I have read that you can find Mokeke at the LOFT stationary store in Japan, but I could not find any… maybe it was displayed for just a limited period like the Tokyu Hands LaLaport in Funabashi from December 2019 to January 2020. In this case, I would recommend you to subscribe to the official Shinada account on Instagram. They post about these “limited Mokeke exhibitions” from time to time.

If you like all sort of Mokeke – not just the standard ones – you should check out the tourist shops Japan-wide for the Gotochi Mokeke (prefecture-specific Mokeke). The Gotochi Mokeke represents a speciality of a region (prefecture) in Japan. This can be an animal, a character or food for example. Since 2018 you can also buy Mokeke with super cute mini patterns. Nowadays (2020) there exist around 300 different Gotochi Mokeke, they change regularly that’s why you will unfortunately not be able to find the old ones anymore. I personally experienced, that the best way to find Gotochi Mokeke is to travel around Japan and check out all the touristic spots. I found heaps of Mokeke during my 10-days-trip with Aldi Tours back in 2015! Check out all tourist shops that you can find, it makes super fun to “hunt” Mokeke. I even found some at the Shirakawa-go Open Air Museum or the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building! Some are hiding at kiosks at the underground station or at gas/service stations. Mokeke-hunting became addicting for me and it is always so satisfying when I find a Mokeke (especially at unexpected spots).

I hope this post helps, if you are looking for a Mokeke on your next trip to Japan. Please let me know, if you can recommend another Mokeke shop or place in Japan. Can’t wait to go back to Japan soon to find more members for my lovely Mokeke family!!

  • 宇宙船 (UCHUSEN) TOYS & FIGURES, Akihabara (5F)
  • ぬいぐるみショップ foo.., Akihabara
  • Japanese Service Stations (tourist shop)
  • Tourist Shops Japan-Wide
  • Character Shops Japan-Wide
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (Gotochi-Mokeke)
  • LOFT (not anymore)
  • WORLD CONNECTION, Harajuku (not anymore)
  • Tokyu Hands LaLaport Funabashi (limited time-period)

Please let me know, if you see some Mokeke-Spots!

 Official Site: shinada.netUCHUSEN, Akihabara
It is just next to the train station

The collection was so small at the beginning!Happy me back in 2015
This is heaven!Uchusen nowadays…
The collection is growing!Nuigurumi Shop Foo, Akihabara
Still need to check out this store! (picture by a friend)

Tourist ShopsThe following ones are from Osaka, check out the tourist shops
just next to the crab around Shinsaibashisuji Kyoto (Fushimi-Inari)Hida Takayama
Look at this lovely sign!! Shirakawago Don’t remember this one… Check out the Service Stations!I even found some at the
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

There was a limited Mokeke-stand at
Tokyu Hands LaLaport Funabashi
Subscribe to the official Shinada account for the latest news

You could buy Mokeke at the World Connection in Harajuku.
Sadly, they don’t have them anymore…

At the Game Center…
I met my very first Mokeke “Bean”.
Here is where my addict started.
Since 2013…!

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