What is a Mokeke?


Hello everyone!

I finally managed to prepare a blog post about my Mokeke モケケ. I am pretty sure that you guys were thinking: “what the heck is a Mokeke?!” when you first saw this crazy little creature appearing on my Blog, Facebook or Insta. So, everything actually started two years ago, when I was in Japan. It was on a weekend, when my sister and I had a short stopover at our granny’s home. We went shopping with our auntie and cousins and also went to the game center. The Japanese game centers have plenty of UFO Catchers, which are full of cute plushies and figures. It all began in this game center: I came across a crane game filled with strange little monsters. Then I saw this kawaii carrot-looking creature lying around in the UFO catcher machine and I was like: no matter what, I WANT THIS GUY!!! I tried several times but the plushie made no move… arg >o< then my cousin tried (she is very good when it comes to crane games). The first time failed but then, the second time, a miracle happened!! She won this little guy for me and I was overwhelmed by endless happiness. [By the way, the appropriate blog post is here >click<] We browsed the internet and found out that these creatures are called Mokeke モケケ. A Mokeke (モケケ) is an alien, which comes from a planet called Mokekenoke (モケケノケ星) – you will see a picture of this planet below. The main feature of a Mokeke is its slim stature and its long arms. They love to hug, especially long things. They also like to hide and observe secretly. You can buy different sizes of Mokeke and there are diverse characters available. Mine are around 14cm/5.1 inches long and one cost about 500 Yen/~4 USD.

So this was the beginning of my love with this little creatures. I started posting pictures with Bean (yes, my very first carrot-looking Mokeke is called Bean ^_^) and since then he accompanies me on my travels all over the world. I often send pictures with him to my cousins and auntie and in the beginning of last year, they got me new friends for Bean: Maido まいど! from Osaka and Maikosan 舞妓さん from Kyoto. These are special editions (Gotouchi Mokeke ご当地モケケ), which represent a specialty from the corresponding prefecture of Japan. They both look like little chicks. From then on I had three Mokekes, but I wanted more! At first, I was thinking of buying some online but since I planned a holiday trip in Japan in October 2014, I first wanted to check out the stores in Japan. It was so difficult to find the right store – the internet wasn’t helpful at all. Then, by accident, I found a store in Akihabara, which sold all kind of character goods and toys and there was also a little corner with lots of Mokeke!! (I will check the shop name and post it later when I start my travel diary about Japan) Omg, I was very surprised to find them. I nearly gave up, after struggling through all the toys shops in Japan… but it seems that God wanted to meet us again. I bought up almost every sort of Mokeke, which could be found in this shop *lol*. Now I am in possession of 15 kawaii Mokeke monsters! They will be more and more part of my blog and as I don’t want to take only photos of Mokeke Bean, I planned a new project for this year: a Mokeke Travel Diary. Once a month I will take one Mokeke – always another one – for a short trip somewhere in Switzerland (or maybe other countries). So I am going to post 12 Travel Diaries with 12 different Mokekes! I was already in XXX on last Saturday with my beloved Bean (*´▽`*). I’ll post it soon, so stay tuned for the first Mokeke travel :)

PS. There is also a new page for my little friends! Don’t forget to check it out (^^♪

Love at first sight! ★’.・.LOVE~(^▽^(^▽^*)~LOVE.・.・:☆
I met my first Mokeke at the game center in Japan 2013Mokeke-BeanPurikuraMy current Mokeke collection: 15 sweet little creatures!Mokeke_1 Mokeke_2Mokekes are made from Shinada company in Japan Mokeke_1a
Source: shinade.netShinada_Mokeke_Intro1Shinada_Mokeke_Intro2
There are different Mokeke characters available:shuruimokeke

Special Mokekes from different prefectures of Japan!

I have one from Kyoto and one from Osaka!
HPYou will find more details about my Mokekes here:MyMokekeCollection


2 responses to “What is a Mokeke?

  1. Ich liebe deine Sammlung so und ich finde sie noch toller, wenn es Aliens sind! (*__*) Ich möchte auch unbedingt ein Mokeke haben jetzt. Einfach zu süß! <3

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