Highlights of 2017

“We do not remember days, we remember moments” – Cesare Pavese

Hello everyone! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”

December is coming to an end. I am coming to an end. Well that doesn’t mean that I will stop my blog now – but kind of. This will be my last entry of this year! I had a fulfilled year with lots of travels (again!!), concerts, adventures with friends, Lolita meet-ups, conventions and lots of other happenings. Somehow I am also sad, that I didn’t post that much as I wanted to. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed my blog posts and still join me on my lifetime also in 2018! I will be on holidays tomorrow, spending Christmas and New Year with my lovely family of my second hometown. Japan, I am coming! A little bit scared of the cold (you don’t know how it is to live at my granny’s home without a heating system *lol*), but excited at the same time, cause it is the first time visiting Japan in winter season. Let me once again thank YOU for your lovely support and comments, even on my blog or other social media channels! Always appreciate your nice words.

If you have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, do not forget to follow me, if you would like to be up-to-date. I will certainly post some pictures of my holidays :) Otherwise, see you next year again! Take care everyone and I wish you a wonderful Christmas time and a fantastic start into an adventurous 2018! Love you guys! ♡

2017 in a nutshell…

Thank you to Orest and Saruda for making me
look pretty this year! Had so much fun taking these pictures :)
“Honeymoon” with my dearest friend
I will never forget this amazing trip!NETHERLANDS, AMSTERDAM
Girl’s trip! I love this city so much!ENGLAND, LONDON
A must once a year! SCANDINAVIA
Made a lot of new friends on this tour!
Denmark – Norway – SwedenCANADA
Discovering the nature and the amazing sceneryHUNGARY
Eat, drink and relax   MILANO, ITALY
Another girl’s trip (or just shopping :))LOLITA MEETUP KANDERSTEG
Enjoying the Belle Epoque in Kandersteg with my dollsLOLITA MEETUP LUCERNE GÜTSCH
Feeling like princesses ^^ LOLITA MEETUP GENEVA
Afternoon tea at LaudréeLOLITA MEETUP BERN
Having breakfast with my girls LOLITA MEETUP BADEN
Afternoon tea with great peopleKIMONO MEETUP OOKI ZURICH
I wore a Kimono for the first time! FANTASY BASEL
First convention of the year – and it is getting bigger and bigger! JAPANIMANGANIGHT
Every year a good year! AKI NO MATSURI
Pumkins everywhere!! ENERGY AIR,BERN
Yes I am serious! And it was great =)ART ON ICE, ZURICH
My brithday present from Daddy!
Thank you sooo much!
Such an amazing show! Want to go again! ONE OK ROCK, ZURICH
They came back to Switzerland! Thx for the great show!HARRY POTTER CONCERT, KKL LUCERNE
Part 2! It was as good as last year! DISNEY IN CONERT, ZURICH
I cried soo much! Too beautiful!!!
Thank you for bringing back childhood memoriesCHÄÄÄÄÄÄS
Cause we love Fondue so much!
I was in cat heaven! So many fluffy babies, I could die!! hahaCHRISTMAS COOKIES
Greetings from the baking factory! BESTIES
Cause you guys make my life wonderful!!!
Thank you for everything!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful year ♡


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