Lolita Meeting – Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel 2018

Hello Sweethearts!

How are you all? It is a little late but did you have a great start into 2018? I had a very nice time together with my family and spent Christmas and New Year in Japan. I am back in Switzerland and it is so busy right now. The first quarter are the most busiest month of the year… there is so much work to do at our company. Nevertheless, I still have time to attend the Lolita meet ups. Anki and Andrea (thank you girls for the organisation!) planned a meet up in Basel. We visited the Spielzeug Welten Musem, where you can marvel at hundreds of cute teddy bears, dolls (well, some were really scary *lol*), old doll houses, carrousels and other funny toys. Sometimes they have special exhibitions – the current exhibition was perfume and Christmas. I have been many times in Basel, but never went to this toy museum. After the museum, we went to the Grand Cafe Huguenin, where we had dinner together and played Secret Santa. Each people had to bring a little gift, which has been handed out randomly. Everything was well organized and it was a great idea to go to museum and celebrate Christmas again ^_^ Thank you Anki, thank you Andrea!

Unfortunately, I am not able to take part at the annual meet up in Kandersteg this year. To those who are going, I wish you lots of fun and a sweet afternoon tea party. See you soon at the next Lolita meetup!

My outfit of the day Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel

Entry fee is:
7 CHF for adults
5 CHF for seniors
free for children under 16 yearsHere some impressions of the museum:Arg, look at these doll houses!Christmas ExhibitionSelfie with Pyl ♡Look at this fancy dentist! ^_^Little shooting while waiting for the others Thank you Pyl for the pictures!

…and here the pretty portraits from Claire!
Visit her Page → Claire de Lune Photo Thank you so much! I love this one :) The groupBreak at the Grand Cafe Huguenin

Playing Secret Santa Self-made tights from Claire!
It is so lovely!Foooooood, nom nom =)
We all were so hungry!


One response to “Lolita Meeting – Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel 2018

  1. It seems you had a lot of fun. As always, your outfit is lovely. In the portrait by Claire, it looks like you’re wearing a crown; very stylish!

    The photo with Pyl makes me imagine a series about two widows who run a detective agency… 😊 Now I want to read it…

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