Kimono Meetup at OOKI Zurich

Hello hello, konnichiwa!

There was a Kimono lunch meetup in Zurich on 6 June 2017. I have been there with my lovely friend Christie, since I was too shy to attend the meetup on my own. I knew that there are Kimono meetups once a month, but I never managed to attend one yet. I was even more excited after I heard that the lovely girlies – who I know from conventions or Lolita meetups – were coming too. The lunch was at the OOKI restaurant, a Japanese Izakaya in Zurich, which I wanted to go for such a long time. The food was soooo good (I ordered Katsu Curry! I could eat it every day lol, so delicious!). Yoko-san, the organiser of the Kimono meetups, was so nice and borrowed me a Kimono because I don’t have one at home. The meetup made so much fun and I wish I will find the time for attending another one soon. Thank you Christie for taking me with you, thank you Yoko-san for all the organisation and the wonderful Kimono ♡ Totemo tanoshikatta desu!


Let’s check the menu mhmmm CurryRamen, Udon and moreChristie got a new Kimono
It looked so pretty on her! Yoko-san also did my hair
Arigatooo gozaimasu!tadaaaa!Kingyo tabi socks ^_^the Kimono was gorgeous! Thank you Yoko-san!
Everything looked so perfectSelfie with Christie how it acutally looks like *lol* Christie you’re so damn kawaiii! Katsu Curry mhmmm We quickly went to the Jeeg manga store after lunch

Yes yes, Tokyo Ghoul Your opinion to Re:Zero? Plushies


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