Lolita Meeting – Château Gütsch Lucerne 2017

Hello dear readers,

I organized another Lolita meetup this year. The second one to be precise. This time, I invited my dolls to Lucerne. I have been to the Hotel Château Gütsch once during last year and thought this would be the perfect location for a Lolita meetup. They did not offer any afternoon tea, however we could enjoy a really nice dessert on the restaurant terrace. We had the pleasure to have Guido Koch from as our private photographer. You can find some pictures below. Claire took some nice pictures too. Thank you for the amazing shots and thank you to my lovely Lolita dolls for attending the meetup! I hope everyone had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to organize the next meeting!! ヽ(´∀`ヽ)

Make-up Sneak peek

Ready is the Gothic Lolita We were very lucky with the weather Clear blue sky! We had a table outside  The view Sweets Vermicelle makes me happy! Some pictures from Guido After the dessert we took some pictures together Pretty Indra Cute Anki These shoes ♡ Selfie with lovely Christie Thank you Guido for these pictures! Selfie selfie selfie :) Anki – why are you so pretty?!   Like this picture so much! ♡K.A.W.A.I.I♡
Thank you Claire for this picture!


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