Lolita Meeting – Ladurée Tea Party 2017


Hello Bunnies,

I am so glad that I could tick off another Lolita event from my checklist. Nadine organized a big afternoon tea party at Ladurée in Geneva. Thank you so much Nadine~!! We met at 2.00 p.m. at the train station and walked towards the lake to take some photos at the Monument Brunswick. The weather was heavenly (yay, spring feelings~), just perfect to marvel at the Jet d’Eau, the famous fountain in Geneva. The dolls looked all so pretty and beautiful. I wore a pink Lolita dress – it is my first time wearing a Sweet Lolita dress. It was pink from head to toe! It was actually the Marie pattern (the lovely kitty from Disney Aristocats), which caught my attention. It was soooo cute, I could not resist to buy it *lol*. I felt 15 years younger in that dress, haha. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to wear my new cat ears from Little Lycan. I am really happy that I got them!

After a while we head towards the Ladurée Cafe at Quai des Bergues, the nearest from Geneva main station. We have already chosen the menu before the event, so we thankfully did not have to wait too long for the dessert. We were around 20 people, so we had the tea room (a separate room inside the Ladurée Cafe) for ourselves. I took the Festive menu, which included one glass of champagne, a pot of hot tea or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, a glass of orange juice and for the dessert I had a delicious Macaron Framboise, a madeleine and a financier and at the end we could choose between two macarons from the January selection. It was excellent!

It was a long ride to Geneva (by train it takes around 3 hours from Lucerne), but all in all it was worth it. The sweets were really yummy and all the Lolitas very kind and friendly. Hope to take part in more Lolita events like this!

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My coordinate in white
Jacket: Lodispotto
Purse: Samantha Thavasa
Bag: Can’t remember…
Shoes: Bodylinelolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-1My Marie Dress
and a pink smoothie ^.^lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-2Wearing sweet Lolita for the first timelolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-5Cat ears nyaaa
Got them from Little Lycanlolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-3I curled my hairslolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-4Hana~  lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-6Meeting point at Geneva train stationlolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-7 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-8 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-9Photo shooting at the Monument Brunswick lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-10The Jet d’Eau, the famous fountain in Geneva lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-11lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-13group photo by Emilieladuree-tea-party-emilie-1Lovely prints lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-12  lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-14Kodona style lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-15 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-16 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-17Pyl’s dress was awesome! lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-18Pretty Lea lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-19The perfect match of black and gold
*_*lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-20 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-21 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-22 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-23Nadine ^_^ lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-24 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-25 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-26Preview of my outfit
(pictures by Pyl)lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-27 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-28laduree-tea-party-pyl-2 laduree-tea-party-pyl Selfie with Pyl ♡lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-29Ladurée Geneva (at Quai des Bergues)lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-30let’s go go go! lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-31 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-32 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-33The Tea Room was reserved for us lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-35Selfie with Sara ♡lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-39pictures by Emilieladuree-tea-party-emilie-3with pretty Belleladuree-tea-party-emilie-2 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-34 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-36lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-37 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-38I had the Festive menu, which included:
a pot of tea
a glass of champagne
one glass of orange juice
lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-40Rose Tea lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-41Macaron Framboise
it was delicious!lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-42 lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-43Financier and madeleine lolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-44Macarons from the January collection
I had rose and orange flowerlolita-afternoon-tea-laduree-2017-45


3 responses to “Lolita Meeting – Ladurée Tea Party 2017

  1. Das war ein ganz wunderbares Treffen! Vielen lieben Dank für deine schönen Fotos. :D Und das Kleid stand dir sehr gut, zuckersüss!

  2. I hadn’t read this post O.o
    Lolita style is definitely one of the most beautiful fashion styles out there. Your pics are amazing, and your Marie patterned dress is super cute. Desserts look so yummy!

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