Aki No Matsuri 2017

Mina-san, konnichiwa! ヾ(=´・∀・`=)こんちゎ~

I have been at the Aki no Matsuri event in Zofingen last weekend. The convention started 2013 and have won many fans since that date. The event was from Saturday to Sunday – I went on the first day with some of my japan lover friends. Our day was filled with gaming, eating delicious Japanese food, shows, sunbathing and Karaoke. Sometimes it is just nice to escape from my everyday life and live in a world full of Anime and Manga. Dressing up and having fun with Cosplay is what I like most about it. I love horror films and fake blood is my best friend, that’s why I decided to put on my Guro Lolita. My sister joined my team and became a zombie school girl for one day. I had so much fun! Sad that it’s over, but next year is coming soon ^_^


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My outfitcofMake-upcofEveryday is Halloween, muhaha!bdrMeet my new friend Michael Myers!cofHere we go – off to the Aki no Matsuri
with Monokuma ♡bdrThis year’s pinaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-5Bring & Buyaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-6aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-8Maid Cafeaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-9aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-11aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-10Hmmm, how would a Pikachu taste like *g*?aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-13aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-12Pokémon Tekkenaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-14I want them all… omgaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-15Let it …Deadpool?!aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-16This is cool!
Check out Baki’s Artwork!aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-17Figuresaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-19aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-20Met my dear Lolita friend Lea ♡aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-48Gudetamaaaaaaa
aaaa….aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-21aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-22aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-23Zombie Squadaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-25aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-26aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-27VOCAMERICA
There was a concert after the event
(we did not go though)aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-28Food Corner
aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-29I love Karage! (Fried Chicken)
It is so delicious with wasabi mayonnaiseaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-30bOkonomiyakiaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-31aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-32I really love this picture!!!
Thank you to Jürg for this awesome shot!Michael playing with chalkaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-33He was having fun :)aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-33baki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-34Berry Kissaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-35aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-36aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-37aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-38Never too old for thisaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-39The magical unicoooorn!
Well done sister!Bad boy…aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-41cMichael is thirstyaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-41OMG, michael met his big brother lolThe good old timesaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-42aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-43Taiko no tatsujin!aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-45bNGE Itasha at Aki no Matrusi
aki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-45Sword Art Onlineaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-46Highschool DxDaki-no-matsuri-zofingen-2017-47


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