Europapark | Horror Nights 2017

Hi there!

How was your weekend? I had a great day with my lovely friends in Germany, Rust. It is Halloween at Europapark right now – one of my favourite season beside summer. The park is full of pumpkins, spooky decoration and creepy monsters. We normally go once a year. We have already been in summer this year, but since my sister and some of my friends were free, we decided to go again. There were quite a lot of people for a Friday, I think because of school holidays in Germany. Nevertheless the weather was nice and we still could do some rides. We decided spontaneously to go to the Horror Nights in the evening. The atmosphere was good, but I honestly have to say that it was better last year. I liked the actors from 2016 with all the bloody zombies. I didn’t make a video this time, but took many pictures (as always (o^^o)) for you.

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Outfit of the day The Europapark is Halloween themed
from September to November! The new attraction – Voletarium Pumpkins everywhere! We are not afraid of spiders ^o^ haha We had lunch in “greece” Pikachuuuu They still had my favourite ice cream:
Blue cotton candy :))Trying to get a Pikachu
…the play was too difficult though Hello Mister =)
(he actually tried to scare me… and I took a selfie instead lol)My mates  ♡In the evening Horror Nights not for weak hearts


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