Lolita Meeting – Bern 2017

Hello Sweethearts ♡

I organized a Lolita meetup in Bern two weeks ago on the 6 May. Actually, it was supposed to be a meetup to see the cherry blossoms at the Rosengarten, unfortunately we missed the season for these flowers. As you remember my last blog post, the perfect time for the cherry blossoms this year was end of March. I definitely have to plan the meeting a bit earlier for the next time.

So our program started at 10.00 a.m. at the train station in Bern. It was nice to meet new people because there were around half of the people that I didn’t know before. Once everybody had arrived, we made our way to the restaurant Kornhauscafe, which is around 10 minutes by foot from the train station. It was a pretty cafe and the breakfast was really good. You could choose different sets or/and order eggs, cereals, yoghurt, panini, waffles, smoothies and hot drinks separately. A restaurant with good value for money.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t that good (cloudy and rainy) so we decided to go to the botanic garden. It features more than 5’000 plant species and the entry is free. We had a short stop at the Sk8park Bern before, to take some pictures – the graffiti walls matched quite well to some of our Lolita outfits (including mine). By the way, I wore my Wa Lolita from the brand Metamorphose for the first time! It was a limited edition “Koi koi! Floral Cards” (こい恋花かるた), which I saw on… I think it was Twitter or something… and it was love at first sight. I have never wanted to have a dress so badly!! I was even shocked and so heartbroken when I saw that the dress was already sold out. BUT, as fate would have it, they reproduced it so you could pre-order it during a short time period. I was super happy when I received my dress ♡ The print is amazing. Ok, where have I been – ah yes, the botanic garden of Bern. We stopped there to take some pictures. After the short break we decided to have a cup of coffee or tea at the Hotel Schweizerhof, which is just in front of the train station. On our way to the hotel we randomly discovered a poster withAsian Street Food written on it. The event sounded interesting so we made a small excursion to the Thunplatz, where you could enjoy different Asian dishes. Our lovely meetup ended finally at the Hotel Schweizerhof.

The meetings makes always so much fun and I had a really great time with all the pretty girls and handsome boys. I hope you all enjoyed the meetup as I did! Thank you so much for coming, it means a lot to me. Can’t wait to see you again!

My Lolita dress is from Metamorphose
Koi koi! Floral Cards

My outfit:
Cat ears from Little Lycan
Rose headpiece from AliExpressmeow! Fake lashes, black eyeliner mixed
with red and white make-up Here is another make-up idea.
Sara recommended me the red eyeliner (Vivid Brights Liner)
by NYX Cosmetics
I love it! With my pretty girl ^_^ OMG Sara ♡♡♡
Kawaii as always!Bern train station Kornhauscafe

Group shoot! and Selfie with Christiemon ♡mhmmm~ At the Sk8park Bern

Maryanne ♡ Sara and Claire took some really cool pictures!
Thanks girls! Sara ♡ Aww that cat print! The Botanic Garden

 Kerstin ♡Rochelle ♡ Claire ♡ Rebecca ♡ with Christie ♡ Last but not least, coffee/tea break at Hotel Schweizerhof

At the ladies toilet :) Sneak peek… Thank you all for coming!
Hope to see you soon again ^_^
(Picture by Kerstin)


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