Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2017

Hello mates!

I haven’t post anything about this year’s conventions yet! I went to the Swiss Comic Con – Fantasy Basel again! The last two years were really cool. The event was from 29 April – 1 May 2017, we only went on Sunday though. The exhibition was big as always and with my best buddies it made even more fun. I am already looking forward to next year!! ^o^

↓↓↓ You will find the past blog entries here ↓↓↓
Fantasy Basel 2015
Fantasy Basel 2016

My outfit Blue and red circle lenses for a fancy look The cat ears are from Little Lycan

Met Ranma (Shugo-kun) at the beginning ^_^ Cat boys (*´∀`*) My lovely Christie ♡♡♡ Sister ♡ what the… boys… seriously?! haha Frightguys!
Love them! Guardians of the the Galaxy! Deadpool Funko Pop Hello foxy! Pikachuuuuuuu omg omg nya ^.^ Cat family ♡ mhmmm chocolate :)) Met the fox lady Crashpoppy ♡
Pretty as always! Never get bored with my buddies =)
Had a blast with you guys! Thx a lot!!!


3 responses to “Fantasy Basel – the Swiss Comic Con | 2017

  1. Wie cool! Ich habe das irgendwie nie auf dem Schirm und habe es schon wieder verpasst. Deine Fotos sind toll geworden :)

  2. Three floors full of awesome stuff… so cool!
    What were your friends eating? That looked really funny XD

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