Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2017


Hello Loves ♡

Once a year, there is a Lolita meet-up in Kandersteg. It became an annual tradition for me and I was happy that I could take part this year again. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend many meetings last year, because of school. I hope 2017 is different.

So we all met in Kandersteg and our first stop was the Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria for the hat exhibition. It was a heavenly day, so we took a walk outside and watched out for a nice place in the woods for our photo shooting. Afterwards, we moved to the Waldhotel Doldenhorn, where we had our afternoon tea with sweet and savory plates and a nice cup of tea.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Lea, for organizing the meeting. I also want to say thank you to Orest, Claire and Pyl for the wonderful portrait pictures. You will see, they are amazing. And to all of the lovely dolls – thank you so much for the great time we always have together ^_^ Hope to see you soon again!

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lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-2Fake lashes and blue circle lenses lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-3my treasure lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-4 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-5 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-7Sneak peek of my outfit:
The skirt is from Bodyline
The tights are from Calzedonialolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-8 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-9 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-10 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-11 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-12Hat exhibition at Belle Epoque Hotel Victoria lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-13 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-14 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-15

lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-16 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-17Time for the photo shooting! lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-18 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-19 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-20Sarah is so cute (´∀`*) lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-21and Ankii (♡´∀`♡) lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-22 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-23 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-24Claire ♡lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-32Lea ♡ lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-27 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-28Rahel ♡ lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-29Pyl and her awesome jewellery lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-34 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-35 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-36Let’s take a selfie (゚皿゚)lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-25 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-26Teddy bear king… *g* lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-30lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-33 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-38 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31Photo by Pyl lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31b_pylPhoto by Claire lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_clairePhoto by Orest
Check out his Instagram accout @freezelighter
lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-1 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-2 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-3 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-4 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-5 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-31c_orest-6Some of Orest’s cam previews ^_^lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-38b-orest lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-38b-orest-2 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-38b-orest-3lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-37 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-39Time for the Afternoon Tea lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-40

lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-41 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-42hungry? lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-43Photo by Claire lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-43b_claireHe was just part of the fashion show ;) lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-44There was an umbrella exhibition too lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-45I want one…. T_T lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-46 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-47 lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-48Photo by Claire lolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-48b_claireLast but not least, we met Michael Mastarciyan,
World Cup Ski/Golf Editor and Senior Writer,
who wanted to take a picture with us (´∇`)
Instagram @theskiwriterlolita-meeting-kandersteg-2017-theskiwriter


2 responses to “Lolita Winter Meeting – Kandersteg 2017

  1. Das Treffen habe ich sehr gerne organisiert. Vielen lieben Dank für deinen schönen Bericht. <3 und du hast auch an diesem Treffen super toll ausgeschaut. *_*

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