Summer Party | Europapark 2017

Hello everyone!

How was your summer so far? I had an amusing day at the Europapark. We go there every year – somehow it became a tradition for us. As always we had a short stop at the motorway service station in Pratteln to get the entry tickets and have breakfast before we moved on to Germany, Rust. The price is exactly the same and you can enter the park directly without long queuing at the counters. So this year, there was a new attraction called “Voletarium” – a flying theater, which was quite fun. I recommend you to get a time ticket, the ticket machine is just next to the entry of the Voletarium. The waiting time will be much shorter. The waiting time was generally not that long. The average for the bigger roller coasters was around 15 to 20 minutes (thank God we went on a Friday). Beside the rides my sister and me did a fancy face painting~♪ May you remember the post from last year? Yep, we badly wanted a unicorn on our faces, haha. We did the same last year and the funny thing was that it was the same lady who did us the make-up (well, I do not know if she remembered us). However, we had a magical day – I also took along Fluffy (unicorn plush), which I got as a birthday present this year. It was super-dooper fun as always ^_^


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We always get our tickets at the
motorway service station in PrattelnReady to go!

The weather was perfect Get a time ticket for the Voletarium Sister ♡ Fast – faster – Silver Star Pair look with my Sisi Besties ^_^ Sweeeets!! I could not resist.. Lunch time This ice cream was so DELICIOUS!
Cotton candy flavour, mhmmm and it was so cheap!
1.80 Euros for one scoopIt’s time for the magical face painting… This lady did the same make-up last year for us :) Unicornlovers ^.^ omg omg unicorn paradise! My crew Happy princesses Böckli – he is too cute! Donut girl wants a donut plushie Water rides makes so much fun Sweet and savory ‘tarte flambée’ (Flammkuchen)Had a great day

Thank you everyone ♡


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