17th JapAniMangaNight

What would a year be without the JapAniMangaNight?! Like every year, I was super excited to be part of this event. As some of you already know, I never visit the event as a guest – I personally enjoy to be there as a volunteer and take care of the hungry and thirsty people ^_^ This year, the event started on Friday evening, 26 May, with the J-Music Festival. I freaked out when I noticed that TEMPURA KIDZ (ex back-up dancers of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) were coming. The concert was so cool! The main event with workshops, exhibitions, shows and contest was from Saturday to Sunday (27 – 28 May). I didn’t do much though. I enjoyed working and fooling around with my sweetheart Christie,  had a great time with my friends and JAN family, I went to see the cosplay award ceremony and the BeniMizu choir. Ah yes and not forget to mention the delicious Karaage (fried chicken) from the Matsuri stand outside. So sad that everything is already over again, but next year is coming soon. The 18th JapAniMangaNight will be from 25 to 27 May 2018 – don’t forget to save the date!

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My outfits for JANThis galaxy school girl uniform is from Bodyline! Here we go.
Meeting for the staff was at 8 a.m. (or p.m.) in Zurich.
Our accommodation:
Hotel Snowboarder’s Palace The location:
Kongresszentrum Davos

So empty… J-Music Festival on Friday eveningSpecial guests.
Can’t remember the name of the band… Omg omg stage free for Tempura Kidz!! Just as fancy as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ^_^ Thank you so much for coming!
The concert was amazing!!! All staff will get their own name card and shirt
My beloved ones: Christie & Mokeke
daisukii~We met Loïc Sho from ‘Der grosse Sommer’
I love the movie!
Maid Café OTAROOM not for kids under 18 years nyaaaa Lots of kawaii plushies so many Pikachuuuu Japanese Sweets The matsuri stands outside This Karaage was sooo delicious!
Want more xD During my free time… It’s sooooo fluffy!!!
Ranma-kun and Mr. Seal of Approval :)) Hugs please ♡ Okonomiyaki Besties Cosplay Award My dear girl, you’re so kawaii! Also met these pretty girls ♡ more plushies BeniMizu choir and more pretty girls ^_^


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