Autumn Shooting Lucerne

Hello Sweethearts,

I don’t know if you remember my trip to Bern in March to see the cherry blossoms at the Rosengarten. If not, you can check it out → here. Well actually it is not about the cherry blossoms, it if further more the person I met there. A lovely lady spontaneously asked me, if she could take some pictures and they turned out amazing. I really like the one with the pink blossoms in the background. Since she is from Switzerland and not far away from Lucerne, we met again to take some Autumn pictures. The weather was super nice on that day and I had so much fun. I am very happy of the results :) Thank you Saruda for making me look pretty on the pictures. Hope we will meet again for another seasonal shooting.

Check out Saruda’s photography here

Alley of trees, just next to the Verkehrshaus Lucerne
Lake Lucerne Autumn Colours Saruda on work I know. Smartphoneholic ;) I love Autumn ♡


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