Highlights of 2020

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.” ―Robert Frost

2020 what a year!! Never before was a year that passed by so quickly as this year! And the most used words was definitely COVID-19, vaccine, (Trump and toilet paper – hehe). Everything started in March where we all had to stay at home, my first time experiencing “home office” and short-time work. At the end of March, the Swiss government announced the first lockdown and guess what – people got crazy and started rushing to hoard toilet paper, disinfectants and food cans. It looked like that everyone was preparing for a zombie apocalypse lol. Travelling has become very difficult, strict restrictions and mandatory quarantine requirement everywhere. First wave, second wave, third wave… Coronavirus mutations, what will come next? The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed our lives and has a lot of dark sides, but there have been many upsides as well! I never thought that I could do work so smooth and easy from home, if it wasn’t corona, I would have probably never discovered my new hobby: penpalling & crafting envelopes. I never thought that this could make sooo much fun! Thanks to it, I have made a lot of new friends from all over the world, I can support artists by buying their stationary and stickers, every day is a surprise and it is a great excuse to collect cute paper, stamps and stickers, hihi. If there hasn’t be a pandemic, I might never meet my best friend again. Thanks to corona, we could somehow restart our friendship and it just feels like back in the day where we were teenagers. The pandemic helped me to focus on what is really important in my life and to appreciate the little things even more. I am grateful to be alive, healthy and happy. Let’s do our best and keep moving forward, don’t forget to look on the bright side of life and let’s make the best of what the crisis gives us. Enjoy your life to the fullest and appreciate every moment. 2020 – you have not been easy to us all, still, it is a year to remember, but I am glad that it is over. Thank you all for your lovely support in this year, stay safe and take care everyone! Wishing next year is a happier, healthier, easier and more free one for us all! xxx

MARCH 2020 – COVID-19
The start of a zombie apocalypse…
the corona virus changed our livesFACIAL MASK – OUR NEW BEST FRIEND
Never ever without a mask!HOME OFFICE
There is no other picture that express my
feelings about home office like this one lol!KALE & ME
I tried the ‘Kale & Me’ detox treatment in Spring!FACETIME
Meeting friends “online”CLEANING
During lockdown, we cleaned all our old stuff.
This brings back childhood memories!ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS
Thank God, this game just came right in time (while lockdown)
I have never been so addicted to my Nintendo Switch
like back then and I even created a new page for my designs!HAPPY LOCKDOWN-BIRTHDAY TO ME
I couldn’t celebrate birthday with all my loved ones,
but the Easter Afternoon Tea was heavenly!HANAMI AT HOME
We enjoyed spring at home this year!TRYING NEW RECIPES
I have never tried so many different things like in this year!
From yummy Scones, to self-made Bento, fluffy Soufflé
Cheese Cake and I finally managed to post the Strawberry
Shortcake Recipe, which I always bake on Christmas Eve!COCKTAIL PARTIES AT HOME
I tried out many different Cocktails in 2020!
Not to forget the Butterfly Pea Tea! It truly looks like heaven!SUMMER TIME IS BBQ TIME!
I think there has never been a year where
we did so much BBQ like in 2020!LOLITA TWINNING
Since there were no Lolita Meet-Ups this year,
my friend had the great idea to make a Lolita Twinning!
It made so much fun, thank you dear!HAVING FUN DURING LOCKDOWN
I never got bored during lockdown!
I tried my “boyfriend’s style” haha, it was so funny!PAPERANG P1
My friend recommended this super cool gadget and
I love it soooo much! My very first portable mini printer!I FOUND A NEW HOBBY: PENPALLING
I never thought that I would be back at penpalling!
And the best part is the carfting activity, I enjoy
crafting envelopes soooo much! T_T
I became a proud Patron of both amazing artists
Tiffany Huynh and Tammy (Nekomatayama)!HÖLLGROTTEN BAAR
In summer, we visited the Hell Grottoes Caves in Baar!LET’S GO HIKING!
Enjoying summer to the fullest!
I went to the Animal Park in Goldau after such a long time!QALITY TIME WITH MY BF
We had some romatic days in Spiez!WEEKEND TRIP IN DÜSSELDORF
The one and only travel in this year: Düsseldorf!PILATUS
My first time on the Pilatus mountain!
It was such a wonderful time!
Corona brough back my BFF, somehow it was a
great “restart” for our friendship. So happy to
have you back in my life! Thank you for everyhing!UMAMI SNACK IMPORT
You can finally buy Japanese Sweets in Adligenswil!
Unfortunately, I had so rebook our trip to Hamburg for
the Cruised Child theater to next year.
Let’s keep fingers crossed for 2021! BATH TIME
My sister’s cat, Yumi & James had their first shower >w<!HALLOWEEN 2020
Halloween was awesome – as every year!DYSON AIRWRAP
The most expensive investment in this year!
Can’t wait to create new styles with my Dyson Airwrap~CHRISTMAS TIME
Enjoyed Christmas with my family~THIS IS ARASHI LIVE – CONCERT
31.12. couldn’t be any better!
I am super sad and super happy at the same time,
my beloved boy group Arashi did their very last concert via
live stream today and I am so grateful that I could be a part of it!
Now I can die in peace, haha!

Thank you everyone for the wonderful year ♡


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