Patreon Reward Tammy: September 2020

And here is finally my precious Patreon reward from Nekomatahime/Nekomataya aka Tammy! She had some difficulties with the notebook (print got delayed etc.) but now her happy mail finally arrived and I am so happy with everything. September’s theme is 100% “Japan” with lots of cute Manekinekos (Lucky Cats)! My favourite goodie is the very lovely and detailed notebook and the Matcha postcard! How about you?

Patreon Membership: Nekomata
15 $ per month (excl. VAT)

Happy mail with either a exclusive print, stickers, notebook or enamel pin and other goodies!
(and additional digital benefits)

Patreon Reward of Tammy in September 2020 included:
– 1x Japan-themed Notebook
– 1x Manekineko Sticker
– 2x Super cute Postcards

*For more Penpalling ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Sweet message from Tammy Nyaa this sticker! Love this postcard! The notebook is so pretty I made an envelope with the Lucky Cat sticker This is the back of the envelope~
If you need more ideas, just check out my penpalling page Additional digital extras (sneak peek) Patreon Membership: Nekomata


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