Butterfly Pea Tea by Tea Bee

Hey guy, how are you doing?

Let me show you something really fancy – butterfly pea tea! It’s one of the most beautiful drink that I have ever had in my life! The flower originally comes from South East Asia (Thailand) and became quite popular lately because of its beautiful vivid deep blue colour. It’s very eye-catching and moreover, butterfly pea has a lot of benefits:

– Anti-Aging
– Brain Health
– Full of Antioxidants
– Improve Skin, Eyesight, Hair Growth
– Effective against Stress, Anxiety, Depression
– Immune Boosting
– Absolutely caffeine-free!

I got this tea from a Swiss tea house in Zurich called Tea Bee. You can buy it online (only in Switzerland though) for CHF 10.90 (30g ~22 cups) and it’s free of shipping costs. It took around 17 days until it arrived. The tea is called “Blue Magic” and contains butterfly pea, rosebuds and apple blossoms. I honestly have to say that the plain tea was not that special, it tasted very herbal, grassy and somehow earthy. It tasted much better with a bit of honey and lemon juice. And the best thing is, if you add lemon juice, the colour changes to purple! It was truly magical.

You can simple prepare butterfly pea as a tea (hot or iced), some also likes to make lattes or cocktails, because of its fancy colour. If you can buy butterfly pea, you should definitely try it out, it’s super pretty, super colourful and most importantly – healthy!

Butterfly Pea, Rosebuds & Apple Blossoms This is how dried butterfly pea looks like You will need ~1 tea spoon for 200ml Let it soak in the water for 5 – 7 minutes Finish is your magical tea – so pretty! Add some lemon juice and a bit of honey It’s getting purple! *magic*The perfect summer drink!


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