Dyson Airwrap Complete – a New Way to Style Curly Hair

Merry Christmas my lovelies! I hope you are spending a happy time with your family and loved ones and enjoy every moment especially in this unique year! I bought a Pre-Christmas present for myself at the last minute and guess what it is: a Dyson Airwrap! I wanted this high-tech hairstyling product for such a long time, but I actually give up on it at first because of the price. CHF 599 is a crazy price for a hairstyling product if you ask me! Since Corona forced me to stay at home and I could therefore save some money (ok, I would say more or less, I spend a lot on stationary and food this year, haha!) AND there was this video from Taytay on Instagram, how could I resists now?

Alright then, this will be only a quick review of my first try using the Dyson Airwrap (you can see the details more clearly in my video below). Making curls looks easier than it actually is and it was quite challenging at the beginning, but I guess I just need some more practise. There are a lot of useful videos on the official Dyson page or on Youtube, so don’t forget to watch them before you start. For the moment, I cannot confidently say that it is worth the money, because I just got it like three days ago. I certainly need some more time with my new toy. Just for now, I can say that my hair looks professional and the Airwrap gives an even result of the curls compared to a hair iron (they look completely different when I am using the hair straightener). It’s super symmetrical and bouncy! Furthermore, my hair did not feel hot to touch thanks to the built-in temperature control. Dyson Airwrap use the Coanda effect (aerodynamic phenomenon) to style hair without extreme heat, which was one of the main reason why I bought this styling product. We all know how damaging the hair iron can be, right? One thing that made me think about was the durability of the curls. I made some pretty curls with my little sister and the curls became quickly loose after a while (especially my sister’s hair, which is longer than mine, became quite straight after some hours). I don’t know if this was just an exception, like I said, I did not test it many times, so I can’t confirm this statement for now and we honestly did not use any styling products like hairspray or creams, so… However, I love my Dyson Airwrap, it is a fantastic tool so far, even if I still need to learn a lot! There is also a version with longer barrels, so don’t to forget to choose your Dyson Airwrap carefully. I am not sure yet, but I might should have gotten the one with the longer barrels, since my hair is growing very fast and the long ones makes the styling probably easier. Hindsight is easier than foresight, right? And I can still buy the additional barrels later, so no worries.

If you have any tips or tricks for a newbie like me, please let me know your opinion in the comment box below!

Tips for longer lasting curls – by Dyson:

  1. Start with damp hair.
  2. Apply a pre-styling product with hold.
  3. Use the 30mm barrel for a longer lasting curl.
  4. Use high heat and high airflow.
  5. Make sure the curl is completely dry.
  6. Push the cold shot for 5 to 10 seconds to set the curl.
  7. Apply a styling product with hold to finish. 

You can find many useful videos
on Dyson’s official page or on Youtube! The full set: 30mm and 40mm Airwrap barrels
(there is a version with longer barrels,
so choose your Airwrap well!)Pre-styling dryer and many more! It worked perfect with dry hair!However, Dyson recommends to start with wet hair!
Blow-dried hair after shower: It looks easier than it is! Practice makes perfect! My first try!
I got these super lovely bouncy curls! and the best thing: no extreme heat!All in 1!
Curl – Wave – Smooth – Dry a new way to curl your hair!


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