Day Trip Switzerland: Höllgrotten Baar

If you are looking for enchanted and fairy-tale caves, the Höllgrotten (Hell Grottoes Caves) is a great place to be. My sister organised a little day trip to the world’s most amazing stalactite caves in Lorzentobel near Baar, Switzerland. I remember that I have been there with my family when we were kiddies, so this trip brought back some long-forgotten childhood memories. We had the perfect summer day, for this reason, we combined the day trip with a BBQ. We met up at the (free) big parking place between the caves and the Höllgrotten restaurant at around 10am. We had around 40 ~ 45 minutes until we went through the magical and fascinating underground world full of stalagmites, stalactites and small lakes. Guided tours are also available. It is quite fresh inside and very wet, so don’t forget to take a light jacket and flat shoes with you. After the unique and refreshing tour, we walked along the river called ‘Lorze’, to find a suitable place for our BBQ lunch stop. There are several fireplaces, but we finally found our perfect spot after approx. 30 minutes walk (there was also a public toilet available). The trip was heavenly and I hope that we can experience a similar day soon again.

Höllgrotten Baar
6340 Baar
+41 (0)41 761 83 70

There is a big parking place just next to the Höllgrotten restaurant

Opening Hours:
6 June to 31 October
Open daily from 09:00 – 17:00

Adult (age over 16y): CHF 12
Children (6 – 16y): CHF 6
Children (<6y): Free
Teacher/Apprentices/Students: CHF 11
Special Prices for Schools, Groups and with specific passes


We had a group ticket (>10 people) for CHF 11.00 Let’s go to the entrance You will need your ticket here It’s a little cold inside (and wet),
so make sure to get a jacket & good shoes with you!Hello~ is there anyone? This looks mystical Hello little fellow, what are you doing down here? Very well done with all the colourful lights So pretty! This colour This reminds me of Arielle. Under the sea sha la la =) You can combine your day trip with a BBQ!
There are many fireplaces along the river.
I tagged our location below (there was also a toilet nearby)


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