How to make a Cute Japanese Bento Lunch Box

Hello my dear readers!

Hope you are all doing fine. COVID-19 hits Europe hard and I can’t wait until everything is going back to normal!!! I am all fine and since all shops are closed until 26th April 2020 in Switzerland, I am on “holidays” since work is shutdown for the moment. It’s already the third week that I am staying at home now – wow, time is going by so fast! If you now think; isn’t it boring to stay at home all day? – not at all! Now I have even more time to blog and doing all the stuff that I wanted to do ‘later’ or ‘someday’ just because I didn’t have any time so far. For example writing letters (I am still looking for new penpals btw :)), rearranging my room, colouring (mandalas), doing some nail art, reading books, watching (more) Animes and movies, I started Animal Crossing (check out my templates), taking pictures of my dear Mokeke, mixing Cocktails, cooking & baking and and and…
How are you spending your time at the current situation?

Regarding cooking (well cooking might be the wrong word), I made a cute little Bento lunch box at home! My mum had a penguin/panda Onigiri mold kit from Japan and we wanted to retry it again (we used it only once so far). This was actually my first try to make Bento and it worked out better than expected. I will probably take a break from making bentos now, since the whole process takes so much time, I can’t even imagine how Japanese mothers can make the lunch boxes every morning for their children. Anyhow, it was fun and brought some change into my daily routine. You will find more details about the preparation in my video below, hope you enjoy it!

Start with the side dish firstI made Tako-san Octopus Sausage and Tamagoyaki,
For the decoration I made: Sakura carrots & flower radishYou can buy Penguin/Panda Onigiri mold kits in JapanThis is the result
(you’ll find more details in the video) Arrange your bento box Don’t forget to add some ‘green’ And finish is your cute Bento!Enjoy your meal!


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