Patreon Reward Tiffany Huynh: November 2020

Hello my bunnies, I hope you had a great start into 2021! I am back with my monthly review of Tiffany’s PATREON reward from November 2020. So the shipping from US is quite slow at the moment, but luckily everything arrived safe and sound. November’s theme was Moon Bunny!

Patreon Membership: Bestie (new: Tea Partie)
16 $ per month (excl. VAT)

Exclusive themed happy mail with
– Art print/postcard
– sticker sheet (and/or) special stickers
– occasional surprises
– 10% off her shop (
(and other digital benefits)

Patreon Reward of Tiffany Huynh in November 2020 included:
– 1x Bunny Sticker
– 1x Moon Bunny Sticker Sheet
– 1x Moon Bunny Postcard

*For more penpal ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

Love this sticker on the back! Cute as always!After crafting~ For more inspirations, just check out my penpalling page Additional digital extras (sneak peek)Patreon Memebership Bestie (new 2021: Tea Partie)


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