PAPERANG P1 Hello Kitty Edition | Unboxing & Review

Give your journaling, penpalling or crafting some upgrade with a portable mini printer from PAPERANG! I just got this new toy for penpalling & my envelope crafting! I can finally send some pictures to my penfriends, which makes letter-writing even more exciting! My friend recommended me this little thermal printer and I love it! Since a long time I have been looking for this kind of a mini printer and I am so happy that I finally met my new buddy! Portable printers are, in general, actually not that expensive, but we all know that all the extras like ink and paper costs quite a lot of money. This was probably (beside the lack of my “printer” experience) the main reason why I hesitated to buy a mini printer. The best part of PAPERANG (or other thermal printer) is that the compact printer doesn’t need any ink! The printing works with heat, which means that the image is burned onto the paper, so in many ways, thermal printers work a lot like a receipt roll printer. But there are also disadvantages: The paper may cannot withstand long exposure to sunlight or high heat and it will probably fade away after a year (with the basic paper), but there are paper available which should keep the printed images up to 10 years. Furthermore, you can only print black and white (depending on the paper rolls for example blue and white or red and white).

So let’s get back to the paper – how much does it actually cost? To be honest, the original paper is quite expensive. For a basic paper roll you will easily pay up to 7 CHF ($) for just one roll. My friend give me a very useful tip to get the paper rolls on Ali instead. One basic paper roll is only 2 CHF ($)!!! So it didn’t take long and I finally got a PAPERANG for myself :)

There are several models available with higher or lower print quality. I went for the PAPERANG P1 model with lower print quality, but at least it was a Hello Kitty Edition, haha. I tried out different papers, which I all got from Aliexpress and the print quality was more than satisfactory! All paper rolls worked for my PAPERANG printer and I didn’t have any problems. I personally loved the sticker papers and the semi-transparent photo paper. The print quality was fair enough for a thermal printer. The printing process is very simple, you only have to connect your printer with the PAPERANG app via Bluetooth and that’s it. Choose your image, write a text or simply use a template design and print it. Printing has never been so easy! I am very happy with my new gadget and very thankful for my friend, showing me this awesome portable printer. If you need any more impressions, feel free to check out my unboxing and try-out video below.

Thermal Printer
24h Battery Life
1 Years of Warranty
Price ~85 CHF ($)
You can get a discount of -10% with the Code WELCOME10
The printer comes with a free rolls of basic paper, a Micro USB Charger & a user manual
Shipping time was around 3 weeks (from Hong Kong to Switzerland)
Official Website:

1. Download the App
2. Connect to Bluetooth
3. Choose your picture and print! There are also templates available: You can use different paper rollsFrom basic paper to semi-transparent photo paper and stickers Colourful sticker Some paper change to blue (or red) instead of basic black inkYou can change the paper setting in your PAPERANG app
Make notes, annotations, labels and more! Print anywhere and anytime you want! Perfect for crafting or penpalling!Β  My new best friend ^.^


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