Gothic Lolita Twinning

Hello Lovelies~

I did a remote twinning with my beautiful friend @suessing this week! I saw some pictures on her feed and I thought this would be a great idea, since we cannot attend any meet-ups at the moment. I love my gothic lolita dress so much (it was my first Lolita dress btw) and she agreed to do a gothic coordinate together. We tried to match as good as possible from make-up to the accessories and posing, since we didn’t have the same dress. I really like the result of how our twin look turned out! It was a great change to my daily life and I am very grateful to her for matching up with me, it was lots of fun! I miss my Lolita girls so badly, I cannot wait to meet everyone again to have a nice chat while having tea and cake :)

Doing what you like is freedom.
Liking what you do is happiness – Frank TygerThis was my very first Lolita dress and I still love it!
It’s from BodylineGetting ready~ I tried following lenses:
Topards 1 Day Lenses Blue
DIA 14.2mm, 38% water, UV cut
I got them from JapanThe lenses are not too big and matched
perfectly with my brown eyes!With fake lashes~ I love to use 1 day lenses instead of yearly lenses
Japan has many different colours and shapes!Thank you to my sister for taking the pictures! Close-up! Black lipstick – yay or nay? Thank you my dear, for this wonderful twin shooting!


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