Where to find Japanese Sweets in Switzerland | Umami Snack Import Adligenswil

Asian or should say Japanese Shops are rare here in Switzerland – and so it is with all Bubble Tea Shops! Luckily, the bubble tea trend is slowly coming back and one of my favourite Japanese snack/sweets shop has finally open its doors! I know Umami Snack Import since a long time, I saw their stand very often at conventions like Fantasy Basel & Co. and may you remember the Speed Snacking at the Freakatorium. The official opening was on the 24th October 2020, but due to the corona virus, I wanted to avoid the crowd, so I have been waiting patiently until the ‘first rush’ was over. There was obviously not that many products left, a lot of items were already sold out, but the next delivery will be mid December, so I am really looking forward to buy Pocky, U.F.O. and Pokémon Ramen, yum! They also sell snacks, sweets and drinks all online, in case Adligenswil is too far away from you. Furthermore – if you like Japanese sweets – they offer monthly subscription boxes. Ah and I almost forgot my highlight: they have a Bubble Tea corner inside of the shop (they even had my favourite black tea with peach flavour and popping bubbles, yay!) You guys made my day~ can’t wait to visit you soon again ^_^

Umami Snack Import
Im Zentrum1, 6043 Adligenswil, Switzerland

Opening Hours:
Saturday 10.00 – 12.00 / 12.30 – 17.00

Price Bubble Tea:
3dl = CHF 5
4dl = CHF 6
5dl = CHF 7


Japanese Snacks & SweetsDIY Japanese Candy!
May you remember my video?
You can buy them here now!

They had my favourite Lemon Tea – OMG!Ramune in all flavours!
Have you ever tried Kimchi or Fried Potato? >w<A lot of items were already sold out! T_T
But they will be back in December (+ with new products!) Sakusakupanda! (one of the) best part of the shop:
The BUBBLE TEA CORNER!You can have it with Tapioca or normal popping bubbles
3dl = CHF 5 | 4dl = CHF 6 | 5dl = CHF 7My haul~ I love the comment card in Anime style! The Bubble Tea trend is slowly coming back ♡
Yay!Follow Umami Snack on Instagram You can buy all snacks online! They also have have monthly snack boxes~

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