Japanese Charity Bazaar Zug 2015


Mina-san konnichiwa! Hi everyone! (^^)/

As every year, there is one event that I never missed since 2010! And that’s the Japanese Charity Bazaar in Zug. It is actually always the same: Sushi, Onigiri, Hiro Takahashi’s buns and cakes, wagashi, takoyaki, books… however, it never gets bored, when you ask me. I love to buy Hiro Takahashi’s pastries and I love to check out the other Japanese stuff they sell. And the best thing is that the money, you spend on food or other things, will be donate to the Kaoma Cheshire Home in Zambia. Eating Melonpan for a good purpose? Yep, that’s possible at the Charity Bazaar in Zug (^^♪

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Pfarreisaal St. Johannes
St. Johannesstr. 9
6300 Zug

 CharityBazaarZug2015_50 CharityBazaarZug2015_49dspend money for a good purposeCharityBazaarZug2015_50abooksCharityBazaarZug2015_45CharityBazaarZug2015_48aChirashi Sushi ・ ちらしずし CharityBazaarZug2015_49bSushi ・ 寿司(^^♪ CharityBazaarZug2015_49  Wagashi ・和菓子CharityBazaarZug2015_48Buns from Hiro Takahashi CharityBazaarZug2015_47 Matcha Cake *mhmm*CharityBazaarZug2015_46CharityBazaarZug2015_44 CharityBazaarZug2015_44b CharityBazaarZug2015_44a  Ichigo RamuneCharityBazaarZug2015_43aMhmmm itadakimasu~!! CharityBazaarZug2015_43 CharityBazaarZug2015_42CharityBazaarZug2015_39this cake was sooo delicious *.* CharityBazaarZug2015_41My little Sis and me CharityBazaarZug2015_40  A short presentation about the
Kaoma Cheshire Home in ZambiaCharityBazaarZug2015_38 CharityBazaarZug2015_37aren’t they cute ^o^?? CharityBazaarZug2015_36 CharityBazaarZug2015_35 CharityBazaarZug2015_34 CharityBazaarZug2015_33Autumn leaves CharityBazaarZug2015_32

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