Mokeke Invasion


Hi Sweeties!

I just wanted to tell you, that I updated my Mokeke page some minutes ago! (For those who don’t know what a Mokeke is, check out this blog post here). Can you believe that I started with one Mokeke two years ago – in the meanwhile I own 28 of those little creatures!! I became such a Mokeke-addict, I know… but every time when I see a new one, I am like kawaiiiii!!! I just MUST have it!!! Especially this year, during the 10 days roundtrip in Japan, I could easily collect the “Gotouchi Mokeke” (ご当地モケケ), the special editions from different prefectures of Japan. Ah, I just can’t get enough of them ^.^

My favourite shop in Akihabara: UCHUSEN (宇宙船)MokekeInvastion_1Special Edition from different prefectures of Japan
(at the beginning of 2015)
Check out to keep you up-to-date!
gotochi_mokeke_2during my  10 days roundtrip in Japan…MokekeInvastion_2meeting new friends! MokekeInvastion_6 MokekeInvastion_5MokekeInvastion_3 MokekeInvastion_4My new lovelies ♥ MokekeInvastion_7By the way, did you know
that you can download Mokeke stamps  on LINE? ^_^MokekeLINEstamps

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