International Motor Show Geneva 2015


Hi there!

Is it weird to attend a International Motor Show in Geneva and not be interested in cars??? Not at all! ( ´∀`)ノ To tell the truth, I am such a looser when it comes to cars *lol* I have a driving license, but I hate driving, I can hardly recognise the brand or type of a car and when you ask me about the components, techniques or details… ehrr… no idea! However, I have been to the car exhibition in Geneva since my friends are pretty well aware about vehicles. Especially my sister and her BF, they are crazy about cars. They both love car tuning by the way! In my eyes, they are car addicts ( ^∀^) haha. I have already been to the exhibition two years ago (click here for the blog post). Even if I am not very keen on cars, it is quite fascinating to see the developments of the vehicles. Things are getting more and more futuristic. Touchscreen, freaky gullwing doors, networked cars – I wouldn’t be surprised if cars will suddenly be able to fly…!

Motorshow2015_5010km until Genève Motorshow2015_49things I do during traffic jam… Motorshow2015_48sorry, but I had to capture this moment xD
my friend needed to go to the toilet!
boys have it easier than girls…*lol*Motorshow2015_47 Motorshow2015_46 Motorshow2015_45 Motorshow2015_44 Motorshow2015_43 Motorshow2015_42Lamborghini~ Motorshow2015_41 Motorshow2015_40 Motorshow2015_39Honestly I have to say that I was more interested in
this guy instead of the car, hahaa! Motorshow2015_38Removing the dust from the car…
Motorshow2015_37If I could choose, I would take a Bentley ♥ Motorshow2015_36 Motorshow2015_35 Motorshow2015_34Censored my friend’s face cause he looked so tired ^.^Motorshow2015_33 Motorshow2015_32 Motorshow2015_31Boys having fun Motorshow2015_30 Motorshow2015_29Selfie~ Motorshow2015_28Maserati Motorshow2015_27Rols Royce Motorshow2015_26 Motorshow2015_25 Motorshow2015_24Another selfie
…with a KiaMotorshow2015_23 Motorshow2015_22Peugeot Motorshow2015_21 Motorshow2015_20 Motorshow2015_19The “next generation” car.. ??Motorshow2015_18freaky Motorshow2015_17 Motorshow2015_16Impressive sculptures made with different car parts Motorshow2015_15Alien Motorshow2015_14Predator Motorshow2015_13 Motorshow2015_12

One response to “International Motor Show Geneva 2015

  1. Wow, obwohl ich mich wie du nicht so wirklich für Autos interessiere, sehen die Bilder ja echt cool aus! Der Bentley ist echt schön! :D Und besonders die Skulpturen am Ende sehen super aus, kaum zu glauben dass die aus Autoteilen hergestellt wurden! Wahnsinn :o

    Liebe Grüße,

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