Heavenly Autumn Days


Hello Sunshines ヾ( ・∀・)ノ

Today was such a wonderful day. November started fabulous! We never had rain and the sun continued shining until now. The temperatures were rising up to 20 degrees during this weekend – it was heavenly! It rather feels like spring or summer than autumn right now. Today was the perfect day to go outside. We had breakfast at the Mövenpick hotel in Egerkingen before we went out for a walk in the woods and along the Lake Sempach (Sempachersee). I laughed a lot with my friends and filled up my Vitamin D resources – I feel sooo happy the last few days! I wish moments like this would last forever.

Brunch at Mövenpick in EgerkingenHeavenlyAutumnDays_49HeavenlyAutumnDays_48I love the honey they have!HeavenlyAutumnDays_47it was so delicious! HeavenlyAutumnDays_45 HeavenlyAutumnDays_46 HeavenlyAutumnDays_44
Sunday walk~HeavenlyAutumnDays_40HeavenlyAutumnDays_41a clear blue sky HeavenlyAutumnDays_42 HeavenlyAutumnDays_43autumn selfie ^^HeavenlyAutumnDays_36Selfie with my friends xDHeavenlyAutumnDays_35HeavenlyAutumnDays_39Silent life HeavenlyAutumnDays_37 HeavenlyAutumnDays_38HeavenlyAutumnDays_34 HeavenlyAutumnDays_33HeavenlyAutumnDays_31HeavenlyAutumnDays_32HeavenlyAutumnDays_30 HeavenlyAutumnDays_29I guess this goat has never seen a human before *g*HeavenlyAutumnDays_28Next stop: Coffee break HeavenlyAutumnDays_26bananaaaa! HeavenlyAutumnDays_27another short walk HeavenlyAutumnDays_23 HeavenlyAutumnDays_24 HeavenlyAutumnDays_25Last but not least, a walk at the lake (Sempachersee)HeavenlyAutumnDays_22SunbathingHeavenlyAutumnDays_21 HeavenlyAutumnDays_20 HeavenlyAutumnDays_19HeavenlyAutumnDays_18HeavenlyAutumnDays_17Yoga?HeavenlyAutumnDays_16Swan vs. guy on a stand up paddle board HeavenlyAutumnDays_15HeavenlyAutumnDays_14 HeavenlyAutumnDays_13HeavenlyAutumnDays_12Heavenly days~ HeavenlyAutumnDays_11

2 responses to “Heavenly Autumn Days

  1. Wow, you have some really lovely photos here. 行きたーくさせますよ!You can use them for your next CD…

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