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I am always looking for a way to support artists especially now, since I am obsessed with stationary (not to forget STICKERS!). Stickers are just perfect for my crafting activities and you won’t believe me, but I found my friends’ art feed randomly on Instagram. Yes, my lovely friend from Basel is selling her amazing art in form of washi tapes, stickers, cards, prints, charms and bookmarks! I really wish that someone would have told me earlier that she sells all these cute stuff T_T!! I am super happy with everything, the price is very reasonable and she gave me so many freebies, girl, you really made my day! Thank you so so much Sweetheart! I was really sad when she was thinking of closing/having a break of her shop, such side business is definitely stressful and not easy, however, don’t give up, keep going – your work is truly wonderful, you are super talented, so please continue to add more novelties so that I can spend all my money for, haha! Ganbatte~

If you know any (local) cute artists, don’t forget to leave me a comment ^_^! I am always grateful for tips.

Price per sticker: approx. 1.30 CHF (Set with 3 pcs = 4 CHF)
Price per washi tape: 3.90 CHF
Shipping: 2 CHF (Switzerland)
Shipping time was around 6 days (Inland Delivery)

*For more penpal ideas, please check out my penpalling page.

The cutest ‘Thank You’ card that I ever received!Is it a dog or a reindeer :)?
Anyway, it’s super cute! Thx for this extra! More freebies, arg, including Animal Crossing stickers!
I was so happy, you really didn’t have to!
I was more than satisfied with the glitter reindeer (´;ω;`)ウッ…
Thanks darling ♡Washi Preview!
I love to collect masking tapes in a bookletAren’t they wonderful?
Love the sparkling detailsLet’s get into crafting! I made some festive envelopes, hope you like it!More will come soon =) Support my friend on ETSY: And don’t forget her wonderful Instagram account!

Keep going!


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